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‘They Always Blacklist You When You Tell the Truth’: Nene Leakes Claims That She Has Been Blacklisted and is Being Followed, Fans React

Nene Leakes recently posted several messages on Twitter claiming she is blacklisted. The former star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” also made comments about being harassed and followed, which prompted several reactions from Twitter users.

Fans believe Leakes’ Twitter posts were in reference to an interview given by her former “RHOA” co-star Kandi Burruss on April 11 where she talked about her spin-off “Kandi & The Gang.

NeNe Leakes
Nene Leakes in a March 14 Instagram post. (Photo: @neneleakes/Instagram)

Leakes seemingly responded to the interview on April 11 and wrote, “They always Blacklist you when you tell the truth.”

Fans responded and told Leakes she was too loved by the public to be blacklisted and called the former “Glee” actress a legend. “You could never be blacklisted. The public loves you entirely too much. A legend, you are.”

Other Twitter users said that Leakes had nobody but herself to blame for no longer being on television. “You think it’s because you told the truth? or your attitude?”

One fan noted Leakes’ personality is what viewers love about the reality star. “Her ‘attitude’ is what makes Nene who we love isn’t it?”

On April 12, Leakes posted another message in which she demanded an unknown party stop harassing her, her business and her family. The former “RHOA” star also made bribe accusations and claimed she was being followed.

“Stop harassing me, my business and my family! Stop having me followed, stop blacklisting black women for speaking the truth, stop paying off attorneys to not file discrimination claims! STOP IT,” she wrote.

Some fans were confused as to what Leakes was talking about, and one Twitter user reported their interpretation of events. “NeNe got fired from RHOA like 2 years ago and she still mad. There, you’re caught up.”

Another fan responded by showing “The New Normal” actress support.

“Let them know! You’re just out here living and they always have your name in their mouth!”

Leakes also retweeted a fan comment that noted her iconic status as a former star of the reality show. “Nene is the most influential #RHOA wife,” wrote the fan. “She has had the biggest impact and has cemented her icon status. There hasn’t been and arguably will never be someone who can carry like Nene. You don’t have to like her to give her her well-deserved flowers. These are just facts.”

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