‘The Commentary Is Everything’: Tracee Ellis Ross Dancing Video Becomes Hilarious After Fans Focus on the Camerawoman’s Remarks 

Tracee Ellis Ross has found numerous ways to incorporate comedy into her social media posts.

Although it is unclear if each moment was intended to be purposely funny, one instance occurred last month after the actress participated in The Drop dance challenge with friends. Another event took place on April 5 when Ross tried promoting the Tortoise Pick from her Pattern hair care company.

Tracee Ellis Ross’ dancing video derails after fans mention the camerawoman’s comments.Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

In the post, the 49-year-old, who rocked a blue shirt and jeans alongside a slicked-back bun with the obvious hair pick, was seen twerking as her unidentified camerawoman hyped her up.

The clip starts with the unnamed woman saying the phrases “Oh” and “get it” repeatedly. As she zooms in on Ross’ pick, she then begins to say, “Coming in, coming in tight, coming in on the pick. Coming in on the pick.

As the recording continues, the camerawoman then shifts her attention from the pick to Ross’ backside. While panning the camera down, she said, “But can’t leave out the tushie. ’Cause the tushie is doing things it shouldn’t do. Oh, oh, for me and you. Aye, oh, shake it around in a circle, maybe a square, I don’t know where you want to go, up to you.”

The video abruptly ends after Ross turns around and walks out of the camera frame. In addition to the upload, Ross informed her followers to view the clip with the sound on.

In the caption Ross wrote while promoting the Pattern pick, “Sound on (laughing emoji) the Tortoise Pick is sold out on @patternbeauty but you can still get one at @sephora!” As fans viewed the post, many flooded Ross’ comment section with remarks about the camerawoman and her commentary.

“The commentary is everything.”

“Let’s applause the hype woman!”

“Whoever is doing the hype song is the absolute best!!!”

“Lmao at the camerawoman/hype woman.”

“The hype woman in the background giving all the commentary is advertising genius and comedic!”

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