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‘Cynically Building Himself’: Deion Sanders Addresses Rumors About His Future with Jackson State  

Jackson State Tigers head football coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has shaken up the college football world the past 18 months. His ability to build Jackson State’s program and be a leader of young men has been on full display since his arrival on the Mississippi campus.

Jackson State Tigers head coach Deion Sanders directs his players during the Orange Blossom Classic game between the Florida A&M Rattlers and the Jackson State Tigers on Sunday September 5th, 2021 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL. (Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

With the type of success he’s having already, it was just a matter of time before questions about his possible departure would begin to fester. Deion dealt with rumors of his departure all of last season. The more JSU won the more interest Coach Prime received. Whether it was a Power 5, Group of Five or NFL team, Deion’s name was mentioned.

Sanders, who never once tried to sugarcoat or mince his words for anyone, had this to say in an interview with “Thee Pregame Show.”

“I’m happy where I am. It’s a calling where I am. God didn’t give me a timetable. He said, you’ve got to go be there for how long. He told me to do what, he asked me to do as do it at a high level.

“Now I don’t have a timetable for any of that, so I’m not going to tell anybody the timetable. I don’t know. God hasn’t given me the timetable for those instructions, but what I do concern myself with is my coaching staff. I feel like I have a phenomenal coaching staff and they’re coaching their butts off. I’m trying to find ways to compensate them even more because they’ve out-coached their salaries.

“Say I took a job at a Power 5. That does not change my lifestyle. That’s doesn’t do nothing for me I’m good. God has sustained me. I’m good. But it does for them. So I’m trying to things to create more revenue at an HBCU so that I can stabilize my guys.”

Sanders Reportedly Interviewed For Power 5 Jobs While Hospitalized: No Interest In The Pros At All

Sanders has been an open book about bigger programs inquiring about his services. The reigning Eddie Robinson Award winner, (top coach in Football Championship Subdivision or FCS) talked about that in an interview with Dan Le Batard on his show.

“I interviewed for three Power Five jobs. I should’ve got ‘em. I was very, very, very good, I may say, in the interviews. In one of the interviews, I was so darn good, the guy asked when I could start. When can you really start? I told him when it was possible and they went in another direction. I wasn’t upset. That just means that God needed me to continue to be at Jackson State.”

Revelation of Sanders’ interviews with Power 5 schools further spurred speculation of a short career at Jackson State. One tweet summed up the rumors,

“The favorable view is that Deion is telling the truth, that he’s but a humble servant of God. The cynical view is that he’s cynically building himself a forcefield for when he inevitably leaves Jackson State.”

For more information on Deion Sanders and how his Jackson State Tigers football program is dealing with high expectations entering the spring season, click here.

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