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‘She Like Take Your Child’: Joe Budden’s Video Praising Cyn Santana’s Looks Derails  

Joe Budden‘s appreciation video to his ex Cyn Santana took a turn on March 16, after the model dismissed his remarks.

The former couple, which shares a 4-year-old son named Lexington Budden, split in 2019 after Santana allegedly found nude photos of other women on Budden’s phone, which he ultimately denied. Santana and Budden first started dating in 2016, and got engaged two years later. 

Joe Budden’s appreciation video to the mother of his child, Cyn Santana, goes left after the star rushes him off camera by handing him their son. Photo:@joebudden/Instagram

In the Instagram story, Budden, who is seen picking up his son, starts the recording by trying to set an example for single fathers who are co-parenting with their exes. He said, “Because honestly. You know what, I’m getting inspired. I’m speaking up for the baby daddies. This is my king’s mom and I don’t even see her with these braids.”

The 41-year-old then shifts the conversation to Santana’s looks. He explained although he hadn’t physically seen his son’s mother in a while, he couldn’t help but mention how good she looks with blonde braids. Budden said, as Santana laughed in the background, “She can do braids. I ain’t seen my son’s mom in ages. She get them braids, look, them braids come in and Cyn Santana is born.” 

Toward the end of the video, Budden tells “fathers,” with Santana’s assistance, to take care of their children despite not being with the child’s mother. Santana closes the recording by handing Budden their son

As Budden’s Instagram story made its way to social media blog sites, many pointed out Santana’s dismissive reaction to “The Joe Budden Podcast” host’s comments.

“Cyn gave him the co-parent laugh. She like take your child.”

“Cyn said aht aht we just co-parenting.”

“She keep tryna bring it back to the kid, like let’s focus here.”

“Lmaoooo yessss Cyn w the ‘here’s your son!'”

“Joe is too busy recording and Cyn just ready to drop the baby boy to his father.”

Among the previous remarks, others claimed that Budden was trying to get his ex back. One wrote, “He trynna sneak his way back in.” Another said, “He want that old thing back.”

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