‘Bye Mommy’: Joe Budden and Cyn Santana’s Son Have Fans Cracking Up After They Participate In This Popular TikTok Challenge

It looks like things are going well for Joe Budden and Cyn Santana in the co-parenting world.

The podcaster and singer-TV personality played a popular TikTok game with their child Lexington Budden. In the Wednesday, July 7, video, Budden and Santana stood on opposite sides of Lex with both holding one of his hands.

Cyn Santana, Lexington Budden and Joe Budden (Photo: @joebudden/Instagram)

They started by saying “ready, set, go” before running off in opposite directions to see who Lex would follow, and he ended up following his father. When Santana realized who her son decided to run after, she could be heard saying “Noooo. That’s not fair.” Budden, on the other hand, celebrated being the winner by picking the 3-year-old up.

Not quite accepting her defeat, Santana continued to say “No” repeatedly, then walked over to her ex-fiancé, saying “I birthed you. Lex…Hello – I birthed you baby.” The model continued, “No. He came to me first.” But it seems her son did not agree because right after that he said, “Bye Mommy.”

Many fans laughed at Lex’s end comment. One said, “the ‘bye mommy’ added insult to injury 😂😂🥴,” and another wrote, “that ‘bye mommy’ was a double homicide 😭😭😭😭.” Others could not get over how much the former couple’s son has grown. “Why celebrities kids grow overnight like a chia pet 🤔,” said a fan.

Joe Budden and his sons Lexington Budden and Trey Budden (Photo: @joebudden/Instagram)

Santana and Budden had been together for three years before ending their engagement in 2019. In a 2018 episode of “Love and Hip Hop: New York,” viewers see Santana call out Budden for being “neglectful” to her feelings since birthing their son. A year later, Santana and the “Pump It Up” rapper argued on the show after she looked in Budden’s phone and discovered “things you find on a man’s phone when they are cheating and stepping out of their relationship.”

Neither party has officially moved on to a new partner yet, or if so they have not made it publicly known yet. Budden has an adult son named Trey Budden, whom he had in a previous relationship. The two had a rocky relationship since Budden wasn’t there for Trey during most of his upbringing, but it seems the two may have been able to mend their relationship in recent years.

Budden said in a 2018 “The Breakfast Club” interview that he has no regrets about not being in his son’s life in the early days “because I made every effort to be there.” He claimed that his absence stemmed from “me and [Trey’s] mother’s battle.”

However, he was, of course, happy that he and Trey were able to make up, he said, “I never thought that day would come. My oldest son is with me every other weekend, any time he can come over and hang with dad.”

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