‘LL is a Don for Commenting on These’: LL Cool J Admits He Was ‘Wildin’ Following Viral Tweet That Pointed Out ‘Ridiculous’ Scenes from His Music Videos

LL Cool J responded to a viral tweet criticizing the rapper’s “ridiculous” behavior in his music videos.

The mentioned post was first shared on March 8, by Twitter user @_patrickpryor. The tweet read, “LL Cool J was ridiculous in every music video he was in. Just go look.” Shortly after the tweet was shared, thousands of people voiced their opinions while uploading countless clips.

LL Cool J addresses the viral Twitter trend criticizing his past videos. Photo:@llcoolj/Instagram

In the Instagram post uploaded on March 10, LL Cool J provided a three-minute explanation for 10 different scenes from his music videos. The list includes “Headsprung,” “Loungin,” and “Paradise.” LL Cool J started the recording by saying, “Time to break the silence. Yeah, I was definitely ridiculous. That’s my goal. I make my own rules.”

The “NCIS: Los Angeles” star immediately jumped right in and addressed a scene from his “Headsprung” video, which involved him mimicking a guitar with a woman’s leg, “Playing the guitar on a young lady’s leg. My father always said when I asked him if he worked out, ‘The heaviest thing I lift is a leg.’ I always loved that. I think I should’ve had two or three girls though. Should’ve had a whole band, drums and all that.”

The following clip showcased LL Cool J’s pouring chocolate syrup on a woman’s knees as she sat on the car’s hood. Despite the controversy surrounding that scene in the “Loungin” video, the rapper expressed that there should have been more chocolate.

He said, “Definitely was wildin! “Although I always felt there should’ve been more chocolate, maybe using a giant paintbrush or something and just really go in. Now, looking back, I should’ve went a little further with it, but yeah, it was unhinged.”

LL Cool J Photo:@llcoolj/Instagram

As the video continued, LL Cool J discussed other unforgettable moments in his videos, including where he was playing football roughly with children in LSG’s “Curious” video, and taking a bus while getting his car repaired in “Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag Getting Crushed By Buildings.”

Toward the end of the clip, LL responded to a Twitter user’s comment, claiming he defied gravity after coming out of the water with a hat on in his 2002 “Paradise” video.

He said “Yeah that was a wild one. I always had visions. I always wanted to come out the water with the water flushing flooding over the Congo going crazy with it, you know what I’m saying. That’s how I move. You know I make my own rules.”

As LL Cool J’s reaction video circulated online, many fans praised the rapper for his sense of humor.

“This was theeeee best response to a meme in meme history.”

“Best response! Using a little sense of humor.”

“Omg I love that you addressed these!! LL is the realist.”

“LL is a don for commenting on these.”

To watch LL Cool J’s entire response click the video down below.

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