‘Just Got the Worst Call I’ve Ever Gotten’: Tyrese Gibson Shares His Mom Is In a Coma with Pneumonia and COVID 

Tyrese Gibson revealed on Feb. 5 that his mother, Priscilla Murray, is fighting for her life in an intensive care unit.

In the Instagram post, Gibson, who uploaded a photo of himself with his eyes closed, explained that he received the devastating news that Murray was in a coma with COVID and pneumonia when he was on a set for an undisclosed project.

Tyrese Gibson reveals his mother is currently in the ICU in a coma with pneumonia and COVID. @tyrese/Instagram

In the caption, he said, “In the middle of filming and just got the worst phone call I’ve ever gotten… I just had to ask the director let me pause for a second, close my eyes and pray…. My mother is in a coma, in ICU, with Pneumonia, and she caught Covid. They got her so sedated she can’t breathe or even eat on her own.”

The 43-year-old continued by writing that his mother’s illness has been an ongoing battle and decided to post about it now because he needs prayers. 

“This has been going on all week I haven’t posted [I’m doing it this time cause I feel helpless this is my cry for help…. I need prayers, the most sincere prayers from you prayer warriors…. Hold on mother I’m there by your side in a few days….. God is able to do things, he’s pulled you OUT of a coma before….. Oh God I seen the light things have been going so well…. Now this….”

Gibson added by mentioning his current mental state at the thought of losing his mom. “I feel helpless and need my prayer warriors to cover my mother. Please, please keep her father God she’s got so much more to do….. Amen…. I’m her Baby Boy I don’t know if I will be able to handle this one.”

He wrapped up the upload by reiterating that his followers send well-wishes to Murray.

Tyrese Gibson and his mother Priscilla Murray. @tyrese/Instagram

As fans began to view Gibson’s post, many sent prayers and kind words to the star and his family.

“Praying for his mom. The thought of losing a parent is just… (prayer hands emojis)”

“Sending love and prayers.”

“We praying for your family.”

“Praying for her swift recovery.”

Immediately following Gibson’s first upload revealing his mother’s ailing health, the singer shared an image of himself and Murray with an encouraging message to his mother. He wrote, “Mother we need you and love you please keep fighting….. [see my last post] Sincere prayer warriors, my mother needs you now more than ever….”

No additional updates regarding Murray’s condition have been released. 

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