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Fat Joe Slams Money Challenge, Says ‘You Done Told On Yourself’ If You Do It and Don’t Have a ‘Legit Job’

Fat Joe is not here for the Money Challenge like everyone else is.

The New York artist is warning his followers and peers about the new challenge that has the participants write out messages using cash money. Although the challenge seems harmless, Fat Joe is informing them that it could actually get some people in some legal trouble.

Fat Joe condemns the money challenge. (Photo; @fatjoe/Instagram)

Fat Joe started by clarifying to his watchers on Instagram Live that Busy Bee was the first person to use money to spell out his name in the ’80s. He then went on to say if you look on his social media you wouldn’t be able to find him flashing money like people are doing now for the challenge.

“I dare you to look down my Instagram, or anywhere on social media, and see if Fat Joe has ever pulled out a $100 bill. One! And then these people, when they get caught, you told on yourself.”

The “Lean Back” rapper continued his message using Nick Cannon’s Monday tweet as a reference for his warning. Cannon’s tweet showed a photo of him lying on the ground with a confused face and toilet paper in the background spelling out “IRS WATCHIN.”

Fat Joe concurred with the message and explained that the challenge may catch the eye of the IRS and could get someone who doesn’t have a legal job to make that kind of money in trouble. “You ain’t never had a legit job in your life. You writing your names with mountains of money. F–k is wrong with you?”

He continued, “Nick Cannon said, ‘IRS is watching’ F–king right! They don’t got to look far. In fact, all they gotta do is hashtag Money Challenge.” He went on to imitate how the IRS could easily find people doing the challenge on Instagram. ‘Alright, who’s Loco32? Who’s JonJon43?’ Who’s the OGPennyloaf?,’ ” he said. “Ni–a you gone. There’s no explanation. You got money, you got money. Cool man.”

The clip ended with Fat Joe urging fans to not get themselves caught up. He said, “Don’t do it to yourself. Let somebody catch you. Don’t catch yourself!”

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