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‘You Have an Obligation!’: LisaRaye McCoy Calls Ari Fletcher ‘Immature’ Amid Rumors That Rihanna Pulled Model’s Savage X Fenty Deal

LisaRaye McCoy is among the many who won’t feel bad for model Ari Fletcher if rumors about her losing a Savage X Fenty brand ambassadorship over distasteful domestic violence comments end up being true.

Although neither Riri nor Ari have confirmed they’ve parted ways, the gossip fire was fueled when it was discovered that all signs of Fletcher were wiped from the Savage X Fenty website and social media pages.

LisaRaye slams Ari Fletcher for comments she made about domestic violence. Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage , Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

The “Player’s Club” actress held nothing back when the subject of the rumor came up during an episode of Fox Soul’s “Cocktails with Queens” and praised the Fenty brand boss for standing firm in her personal and professional beliefs by releasing Fletcher from her contract.

“Shoutout to Rihanna for standing up, and being an example of a woman of her word and making sure that her brand is not tarnished with any foolishness,” she told fellow “Queens” Claudia Jordan, Vivica A. Fox, and Syleena Johnson. “Because here’s the thing: These younger girls are looking up to these influencers and these social media girls, and so, if you know that, you have an obligation!”

She went on to point out that Fletcher’s actions made the difference between a “real celebrity” and influencers glaringly obvious because true “stars” know how to play the fame game. “See, that’s the difference between a social media influencer, and a real celebrity and star. There is a difference,” LisaRaye explained. “You have to work your way up to that stardom so you know what level that you’re stepping into, ’cause it’s levels to this. It’s respectable. People respect you!”

“Now you can have your opinion, but even when you have your opinion you gotta wait till you get to a certain level to be able to be heard because we’ve seen the history of your words and why you’ve said what you’ve been saying,” she continued. “She was out of line, out of place, she was immature.”

“The Family Business” star wrapped up her rant by expressing her hope that Fletcher is held accountable for her opinions by her fans, learns from her mistake, and apologizes. “I hope that she is learning a lesson for her to at least come back and say, ‘You know what? I apologize because I did not mean…’ She need to give us some type of apology, a narrative. … Cancel culture they should have been all on top of her on that,” to which host Claudia Jordan corrected her noting that “They were.”

Ari has continued to tweet since the rumors about her fumbled bag began swirling and appears to be unfazed by any negativity that’s being thrown her way.

“When you genuinely don’t like somebody you don’t talk about them on the internet, because that draws attention and attention good or bad equals money,” she tweeted on Jan. 9. “People talk all that s**t meanwhile I don’t even know you exist and you done payed my Chanel bill.”

At the time of this article’s writing, Fletcher hasn’t released an apology for or official statement about her abuse comments.

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