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‘The Real Scoop’: Denzel Washington Gives Shocking Response to How He Prepped for This Famous Movie Scene

Denzel Washington is one of the most talented thespians of our time. The 67-year-old has appeared in over 60 films and has held roles ranging from a crooked cop to a socially awkward yet brilliant civil rights lawyer. And like many, Washington has a few distinctive acting methods that have helped his career blossom over time, including his infamous one-eyed teardrop. 

During a recent interview with Variety, the Academy Award winner was asked about the single teardrop — much to Washington’s surprise, who didn’t seem to be aware that he had grown a reputation for the difficult acting trick he has effortlessly pulled off in such films as “Glory.”

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 06: Denzel Washington attends the 47th AFI Life Achievement Award honoring Denzel Washington at Dolby Theatre on June 06, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for WarnerMedia) 610507

“I’m known for a single teardrop in movies?” the veteran Hollywood star asked around the 3:00 mark of the interview, before giving up his shocking source: his wife, Pauletta Washington. 

“My wife stands off-camera, and she slaps the taste out of my mouth. Right on action,” he explained before bursting into laughter. “Today, you actually got the real scoop,” he said. 

“They say rolling, and she starts winding up. Speed, camera, and I lift my chin up like that and action and POW,” he continued while engaged in a one-person reenactment. “She slaps me. I tear.”

Fans praised Washington for his contribution to the acting world over the years and his influence on rising stars, including one YouTube user who wrote that if they ever were to get into acting, “Denzel Washington would be my guy to help me know acting games techniques. Because he’s a strong Golden actor.”

Another person commented, “This man is a true genius, one of the most remarkable actors of all time, and an honorable, humble person.”

“Just watched Malcolm X, what a gargantuan piece of art, and Denzel is such a phenomenal performer,” wrote a third. 

Washington is currently enjoying the release of his latest project, “The Tragedy of Macbeth,” in which he plays the title role of the Scottish nobleman’s quest to become king, with the aid of his wife Lady Macbeth and the consequences that come from unbridled ambition and the murder of the king, according to its description.

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