A Missouri Mother’s Vending Machine Christmas Gift to Help Her Kids Become ‘Young Bosses In the Making’ Sparks Online Debate

A Missouri mother’s Christmas gift to her children was supposed to serve as a tool to help teach them financial responsibility but instead has caused quite the unintended stir on social media.

Ciearra Baker and her children. Photo Credit: @ciearrabaker/Facebook

Ciearra Baker of St. Louis surprised her son and daughter with their own vending machine and starter snacks for the holiday in lieu of toys so that they can start learning how to be “young bosses in the making.”

“Let’s not handicap these kids making their lives easy. I’m not buying toys my kids most definitely will understand life is not easy and making the right choices with money & etc…,” Baker wrote on Facebook. “So I came up with the idea to invest in vending machine for the kids as Christmas gift #Young bosses in the making”

Baker’s post was initially met with criticism, with many social media users remarking that Christmas gifts should be fun, not functional.

“How is letting your kid enjoy life ‘hanicapping’ them?”

“It’s Christmas, give the kids something they want, teach them about investing any other day of the year…?”

“You ain’t do this for the kids you did this for clout. Them kids ain’t want that and don’t care about it”

Ciearra Baker’s kids are all smiles while posing next to their Christmas gift. (Photo: @ciearrabaker/Facebook}

As word of the backlash spread, more users came to Baker’s defense and applauded her for setting her children up for financial success at early ages, including reality TV star Masika Kalysha.”This is a dope ass gift. Honestly my daughters only 5 and I’m sick of buying toys. My house can’t hold another toy I might be doin this soon 😂,” she wrote.

Others agreed that Baker’s present was a great idea for a gift that will keep on giving.


“This was a VERY smart idea actually! Bump the Jordans, ps5, and all that stuff. Once they see how much money they will have coming in they will thank their mom for that gift.”

“The money that she woulda used on “Christmas gifts” she invested into him instead. Now he’ll be making his own money next year & can afford that ps5 & more. Meanwhile y’all kids gon be bored with their Christmas gifts & beggin for the next thing they see on tv/YouTube.”

Baker appears to be working to instill the same entrepreneurial spirit in her children that she has herself. The mom of two is the boss of Kidz Glam Kloset, a mobile children’s fashion boutique.

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