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‘He Will End Up Canceling Himself If He Feels Like Nobody Can Cancel Him’: Cedric the Entertainer Weighs In on Dave Chappelle and Cancel Culture

Cedric The Entertainer cautions Dave Chappelle that his response to the scrutiny he’s facing for controversial LGBTQ comments he made during his latest Netflix standup special, “The Closer,” might not be the best approach in the long run.

During a recent appearance on “The Domenick Nati Show,” the 57-year-old was asked his thoughts on the “Half Baked” star and his battle against cancel culture, to which Cedric said Chappelle may very well cancel himself if others don’t do it first. 

(L) Cedric the Entertainer gives his opinion on Dave Chappelle’s (R) recent controversy. Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

“I think that you just gotta be watching. Once you feel you’re un-cancellable, and you think that that’s what you’re fighting for, that’s the wrong approach to take to say something that you really wanna say,” the funnyman explained. “Not in the sense that ‘Oh, can’t nobody cancel me, so I’mma say what I wanna say.’ You can find out. People will cancel your ass.”

Elsewhere, the “Johnson Family Vacation” star reiterated how Chappelle “will end up canceling himself if he feels like nobody can cancel him.” Cedric said if the Grammy keeps up his seemingly nonchalant attitude towards the severe backlash he’s facing over what some are calling his transphobia, he will reach a certain point where “you end up getting in people’s head in a way to where they turn you off.”

“And it ain’t so much about everybody else turning you off,” the veteran comedian noted. “It’s people just deciding like ‘Dog, if you think you’re bigger and better than everybody, and you literally start believing that, then people start to go like, ‘Well, f- -k you.’”

Yet, Cedric faced his own criticisms almost immediately after the interview was posted. Many people in the comments section of a YouTube post of the clip called out Cedric for what they they saw as slamming Chappelle and later praising Louis C.K. when asked if the controversial white comedian should be re-embraced following several scandals, including allegations of sexual misconduct. 

“Notice after taking shots at Dave, Cedric The Hater turns right around next topic at 1:24 and praises Louie CK, calls him a great comedian, and that he should be forgiven. Where is this empathy for Dave?” questioned one user. 

Another commented, “Cedric should have never said what he said. Obviously, Cedric feels a certain way about Dave’s dominance in comedy right now, a dominance he earned by being courageous. Hey Cedric, Dave is the biggest and best comedian right now.”

Check out the interview below. 

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