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‘Knock It TF Off’: Swizz Beatz Responds to Rumors of Him Cheating on Alicia Keys with La La Anthony

Swizz Beatz is over the allegations about him cheating on his wife, Alicia Keys.

On Dec. 15, he let it be known that he wants the people who are spreading rumors about his marriage to “Knock it TF off.” He commented on a video clip on the The Jasmine BRAND’s page of radio personality Miss Jones alleging that Beatz and actress La La Anthony have a secret affair going on.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz; far right: La La Anthony (Photo: @aliciakeys/Instagram) (Photo:@lala/Instagram)

He also shared a screenshot of him playing his wife’s song “LaLa” on her newest album “Keys” and wrote, “This is the only LALA I’m rocking Now go get the KEYS ALBUM it’s avail everywhere and its a classic.”

In the clip which comes from a video on her Miss Jones In The Morning Youtube page, Miss Jones is speaking to two co-hosts and spilling some details about a person in Beatz’ camp who reached out to her in her DMs and claimed that he and La La Anthony were “madly in love with each other.” She claims the person said Beatz told La La “ ‘Calm down, I’m not leaving my wife.’ ”

Her proof of the infidelity is this: “If you don’t believe me, go on his page on IG. He always starts leaving comments in the morning and she [Lala] be the first one to respond. But, she don’t just leave one response, she keeps it going and going, to the point where he [Swizz] says you gotta chill because it’s starting to look obvious to my wife.”

Without explaining, Miss Jones said she didn’t want to mess up her “new chance,” which is why she never fully came out about the infidelity. Continuing on, she said shortly after finding out the information, Keys released a single called “LaLa,” which was released this year on Dec. 10.

Miss Jones implied that this information is more proof that what she is saying is factual. she then rhetorically asked, “I don’t get no props for not giving yall this tea 12 months ago.”

Several fans dismissed the post by calling it fake and said La La wouldn’t do that, especially since La La is currently divorcing her husband, NBA player Carmelo Anthony, after numerous allegations that he cheated and fathered another child outside of their marriage.

One said, “Hmmmmm I don’t know if I believe this one fam. LaLa seems like she wants to@live her best single life and avoid stuff like this. They’re probably just cool….I hope.”

A few other fans had a different perspective. Someone wrote, “If this is true you lose em how u get em.” They and several other people who wrote variations of the same comment are referring to Keys, whom many have said was wrong for allegedly getting with Beatz while he was still married to his first wife Mashonda Tifrere. His divorce with Tifrere was finalized in 2010 and later that same year he married Keys.

Neither Anthony nor Keys have spoken out about the rumor as of yet.

To see the clip, click link below. It starts at the 16:15 mark.

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