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Kanye West’s Publicist Reportedly Pressured a Georgia Election Worker to Make Fraud Claims

Kanye West’s publicist Trevian Kutti was caught on tape seemingly bullying a temporary 2020 Georgia election worker into confessing to bogus ballot tampering claims boosted by former President Donald Trump. 

According to police body camera footage obtained by Reuters, on Jan. 4, two days before now-President Joe Biden’s election victory was certified, Kuttie, a Black woman, appeared at Freeman’s residence with an unidentified man and asked if they could talk. 

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 24: Kanye West attends the Los Angeles Mission’s Annual Thanksgiving event at the Los Angeles Mission on November 24, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Freeman, a Black woman, had signed up to be a temporary worker helping process and count mail-in ballots in Fulton County, which encompasses much of Atlanta. However, Trump and his allies accused the woman and her daughter, Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, of illegally counting fake mail-in votes. They claim she pulled them from mysterious suitcases while working on Election Day at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. 

Georgia election officials say the “suitcases” were standard ballot containers, and the ballots inside were counted properly.

Eventually, hundreds fed into the allegation, and Freeman began getting threats and harassing messages. Reluctant to meet with her privately, Freeman finally agreed to meet with the estranged woman at a police station instead.  

With their meeting being recorded at a local police station in the Atlanta suburb of Cobb County, where Freeman wanted to meet out of safety concerns, Kutti, who identified herself as a crisis manager having worked “for some of the biggest names in the industry,” immediately told the election worker that she “didn’t want to frighten you, but we had to find you within this time frame.” Elsewhere she said to Freeman that she already “secured placement” and that they had only 48 hours to move her to the unspecified location to keep her from alleged imminent danger. 

“I cannot say what will specifically take place; I just know that it will disrupt your freedom and … the freedom of your family members,” the publicist could be heard telling the woman. “You are a loose end for a party that needs to tidy up.”

The woman reported the incident to authorities following Kutti’s visit. A 911 call recorded Freeman telling officials, “They’re saying that I need help, that it’s just a matter of time that they are going to come out for me and my family.” 

In a police report obtained by the outlet, Freeman claimed that soon after the body camera was turned off, Kutti told her directly that she wanted her to admit to committing election fraud; she also put a man on the phone by the name of “Harrison Ford” — not the actor — who also tried to get her to confess to false claims. “If you don’t tell everything, you’re going to jail,” she claimed Kutti told her, the outlet reported. 

Kutti has publicly supported Trump in the past along with other Republicans. It’s unclear how the meeting concluded, as neither party has spoken out about the incident since. 

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