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‘This Is Unreal’: Bryant Gumbel Features the Amazing Redemption Story of Rams Coach Marcus Dixon Who Went from Being Falsely Accused of a Crime to Success In the NFL

Growing up in Georgia, Marcus Dixon always aspired to play football. He was a three-sport high school athlete who also played basketball and ran track, but on the gridiron is where Dixon made his name.

Dixon isn’t just athletically gifted, he carried an A average and his success as a true student-athlete earned him a full athletic scholarship to Vanderbilt University.

Marcus Dixon. Screengrab from HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel”

Even though he lost most of his senior season of high school to injury, the Commodores never reneged on the scholarship. The elite academic university had high hopes for Dixon.

That is until Dixon was accused of rape among other charges. Following these allegations, Dixon, never saw the light of day in Nashville. The promising young man never got an opportunity to wear a gold and black Vandy uniform.

Life Changes Overnight For Dixon

In February 2003 a 15-year old girl named Kristie Brown alleged that Dixon, 18, at the time, forced her to have sex and in the process stole her virginity. Brown also acted as if she hardly knew Dixon outside of having some classes with the standout athlete.

When the case went to trial Dixon was acquitted of rape, battery, assault and false imprisonment. Due to the alleged victim being just 15, however, Dixon was still found guilty of statutory rape and aggravated child molestation, two lesser charges.

Sentenced To 10 Years In Jail: Dixon Is Released After 15 Months (May 2004)

Dixon was sentenced solely on the color of his skin. There have been many instances where Caucasian counterparts get absolutely no charges or prison time for similar allegations, in most cases those allegations are much worse. If they even get community service it’s a surprise.

Upon his release, the aggravated child molestation charge was overturned. But the statutory rape charge remained.

To find out more about how Marcus Dixon was able to overcome being falsely accused of sexual assault and carve a career in pro football, click here

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