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‘That’s Not the Narrative You’re Used to Is It?’: White Radical Feminist Dragged on Twitter for Questioning Why ‘King Richard’ Is About Richard Williams and Not Venus and Serena

Since its recent release, “King Richard,” the movie centered around the rise to success for Venus and Serena Williams with the help of their father, has been getting plenty of buzz between viewer reactions and reviews by professional movie critics.

However, it was one comment in particular, by Dr. Jessica Taylor, that has gotten some viewers as well as stars of the film riled up on Twitter. The author and psychologist’s complaints relate to the movie being centered around Venus and Serena Williams’ father instead of the success of the two sisters.

In the film ‘King Richard” actor Will Smith portrays Richard Williams, the father of tennis phenoms Venus and Serena Williams. (Photo: @willsmith/Instagram)

“Did they seriously make a film called ‘King Richard’ about the success of Serena and Venus Williams – but it’s about their dad, Richard,” she wrote. Taylor, who identifies as a radical feminist, followed up with another tweet explaining her point after seeing the responses she got from the initial tweet.

“I get this has annoyed people but I genuinely didn’t expect a film about two of the most powerful, successful and amazing black female athletes to be named after a man, or centre a man. I would have loved this film to be all about them, and not a man. That’s it really.”

According to a “Radical feminism is a perspective within feminism that calls for a radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts.”

Mikayla Lashae Bartholomew, who plays Tunde Price in the film, responded with her own set of tweets. She said in one, “As one of the sisters in ‘King Richard’, I hope you get a chance to watch our work & take some time to look into the Williams family role in making this film. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible. The origin stories of Black icons deserve space & to be told as they desire.”

In the second she said, “Here’s hoping in watching the film, you see a love letter to Venus, you see the tireless efforts of Ms. Oracene Price, you see the foundation on which Serena was built, you see us loving older sisters, their biggest fans, all with their own stories to tell: Tunde, Isha, and Lynn.”

A third tweet from Bartholomew read, “See all of us. See the whole family. Here’s hoping you open your mind & see us all. There’s room for a story about a Black family and what they did to make the dreams of their youngest members come true. There’s more than one way to begin honoring a legacy. Much love ✌🏾”

Actress and singer Dr. Holly Robinson Peete also chimed in, writing, “What is wrong with people? If these ladies wanna produce a movie about their dad for all the sacrifices he made to get them where they got what is the problem??? We all stand on the shoulders of our imperfect parents with great intentions. I thought it was riveting.”

Bishop Talbert Swan added another reply, writing, “Is a white woman seriously taking issue with a film about a strong black man raising his Black daughters and being an integral part of their success? That’s not the narrative you’re used to is it? By the way, Venus and Serena were producers. Why are you so pressed?”

After premiering in theatres on Nov. 19, “King Richard” now sits at a 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It features stars such as Will Smith, Aunjanue Ellis and “Scandal’s” Tony Goldwyn.

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