‘With the Aunty Walk’: Tracee Ellis Ross Cracks Fans Up as She Shimmies Down the Red Carpet

Tracee Ellis Ross‘ red carpet video goes left after fans point out the actress’ walk.

Ross, who attended the Los Angeles County Museum of Art+Film Gala in Los Angeles, California, shared the Sunday, Nov. 7, clip showcasing her Gucci attire while on the red carpet.

Tracee Ellis Ross’ behind-the-scenes video goes left when fans focus on the actress’ walk. Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

In the recording, Ross was seen wearing blue sequined pants with a matching jacket. The 49-year-old also embellished the attire with a brown feathered coat and black heels among the complementary pieces. Ross gave fans a closer view of her ensemble by adding a comedic video of herself shimmying on the red carpet.

The “black-ish” star said as she shook her coat from a backward angle, “That’s all I said.” When Ross asked the unidentified camera person if she wanted to hear the motion again, she responded with the answer of yes while the actress shimmied from the side angle. As the video came to a close, the unnamed camera person played along with Ross’ joke by responding as the “Girlfriends” star walked off, ” Yea, and Then what. No, you did not say that.”

In addition to the video, Ross mentioned in the caption how her walk appeared off. She wrote, “Goofin’ off in @gucci (and what exactly is that walk at the end) #lacmagala.” As fans viewed the star’s clip, many reiterated the same sentiments about Ross’ walk. An individual went as far as to compare her walk to actress Viola Davis. Davis recently went viral after fans joked about her walking in heels when filming “How to Get Away with Murder.”

“That walk at the end was giving me How to Get Away with Murder @violadavis.”

“It’s the walk for me.”

“Your feet said enough of this.”

“With the aunty walk at the end!!!”

Other people jokingly suggested theories about why Ross was walking weirdly. One wrote, “The walk at the end lol. That’s how it is after being in pumps ALL DAY.” Another said, “Girrrrl that walk is the ‘get these damn heels off my feet’ walk.”

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