‘I’ve Always Been This Person’: Tracee Ellis Ross Dishes on Social Media Fame and Her Take On Being Turned Into a Viral Meme

For Tracee Ellis Ross, giving off rich, stylish and unbothered vibes is a thing of reality, not just smoke and mirrors for social media.

The actress regularly shares photos showing off her fashion sense, effortless beauty looks, envy-invoking tropical vacations and much more with her 10.4 million followers. And time after time she is flooded with comments reminding her that, for many, her life is an “entire mood.” But the “Girlfriends” star isn’t giving followers a peek into her offscreen moments for praise; she’s simply living her life.

Tracee Ellis Ross became a viral meme when fans shared a poolside phot of her drinking “rich b—h juice.” (Photo: @breaxna/twitter)

“For me, it is genuinely a sharing. I don’t manipulate things for the internet. I’ve always been this person. I used to drive my sister nuts because I was always doing my little photo shoots,” she told Harper’s Bazaar for their November cover story. 

And while the seasoned actress finds some of the praise “flattering,” she also finds that social media “can be a little scary.”

For instance, in February Ross shared a compilation of video clips of herself in pools while enjoying wine and spirits during vacations past. With almost half a million likes and an equally large flood of comments, it didn’t take long for fans to turn Ross into a meme.

“That meme where it says ‘rich b-tch juice’ [on the glass] … it’s a little much for me,” she said. “It’s really just tequila with melted ice. I don’t know how rich the juice is.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the famed daughter and near carbon copy of icon Diana Ross opened up about being the “poster child for being single.” Ross, 49, shared that while she certainly grew up wanting children and a husband, she realized that waiting for it to happen wasn’t an option, so she lived her life fully instead.

“What I would prefer is that I’m the poster child for living my life on my terms,” she said. “And that there’s a version of that for everyone. I don’t live for other people. I just totally live it for me.”

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