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Tammy Rivera’s Alleged Racial Profiling Incident In CVS Leads to an Investigation

An alleged racial profiling incident involving Tammy Rivera while she was shopping at a CVS store reportedly is currently being investigated.

The alleged incident took place this past weekend after the 35-year-old went to store located in DeKalb County, Georgia within metropolitan Atlanta.

An alleged racial profiling incident reportedly involving Tammy Rivera at a CVS store within metropolitan Atlanta is now being investigated. Photo:@charliesangelll/Instagram

While picking up several items, Rivera claimed that an employee named Ginger was “watching” her as she shopped. It ultimately took a turn for the worse when Ginger reportedly yelled at the reality star for opening a package she planned on purchasing.

According to TMZ, Rivera called the CVS where the event took place on Monday, Oct. 25, to file a complaint. Immediately following that phone call, the store’s general manager reached out to the star and apologized.

A store representative told the publication that because of CVS’s “non-discrimination policy” and its dedication to making sure all customers are treated fairly, they have decided to launch an investigation regarding the matter. Rivera, who also shared a statement with TMZ, said that she didn’t want the CVS employee to face any consequences but to instead receive additional education and training.

Aside from the investigation, no other details have been released.

On Oct. 24, a day before Rivera filed a complaint, she took to Instagram to describe the encounter between her and Ginger. She said, “I’m in CVS, I come here almost every other night. I know every person that works in this store. I came here to get some satin hair wraps and some Doo Gro oil.”

Rivera continued, while pointing the camera at the CVS employee, “This lady sat here — she must be new — she sat here, and she watched me on the aisle acting like she was fixing stuff on the aisle. I’m watching her watch me … She’s watching me so hard that when I opened this pack she said ‘Don’t do that.’ ”

The “Waka & Tammy” star later clarified in another video that she shared her story because she wanted to be treated with respect.

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