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‘A Quick Flex’: Tracee Ellis Ross’ Fans Get Distracted By Her Background In Video ‘Cuddling Plants’

Tracee Ellis Ross‘ flower video on Oct. 22 gets derailed after fans solely focus on the actress’ bookshelf.

In the Instagram post captioned “Tenderness,” Ross is seen sitting at appears to be a desk and cuddling with a flower as Ella Fitzgerald’s “A Flower is a Lovesome Thing” blares in the background.

Tracee Ellis Ross’ video cuddling her plants goes left after fans point out her bookshelf.Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

The track, which was written by Duke Ellington’s longtime arranger Billy Strayhorn, describes the different kinds of flowers of the world and their attributes and was performed by the Vince Guaraldi Trio in 1958 and later covered by Fitzgerald in 1965 on her “Ella at Duke’s Place” album.

As fans began to view Ross’ recording, many bypassed her zen moment and immediately zoomed in on her bookshelf. A few pointed out her numerous NAACP awards, while others admired the “black-ish” star’s book collection.

“A quick flex of the awards.”

“It’s all the NAACP Awards for me.”

“It’s me trying to see what books she has on her bookshelves.”

“Love your bookshelf! Love the song! Love how peaceful you look.”

In addition to the bookshelf remarks, some individuals mentioned how satisfying the clip was. One write, “This is a whole mood.” Another said, “Why was this satisfying?” An Instagram user commented that they too partake in flower cuddling with their plants. They stated, “This is soothing, I do the same thing to all of my plants,and they love it.”

In the past, during an interview with Coveteur magazine, Ross opened up about her love for flowers.The 48-year-old said,”I’m a lover of fresh flowers, and usually, on Mondays, I get a big delivery in a bucket. I was just putting them out, and I like to get it all done because I don’t like them sitting in the buckets, because I feel like they should have their home.”

She added, “I’ve always loved fresh flowers, but during the pandemic, they were sort of my saving grace to see a sort of blossoming thing that had beauty in my home.”

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