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‘Tiny Want ALL the Smoke’: T.I.’s Fashion Prank on Wife Tiny Harris Leaves Fans In Tears

T.I. Harris apparently chose violence when he decided to prank his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris on Oct. 18.

The fashion prank, which was a three-part video on Instagram, consisted of the rapper dressing nicely and trying to leave the house in hopes of seeing Tiny’s reaction. In the first recording before the joke, the 41-year-old shared how his wife gets upset when he puts on “fly clothes” without explanation.

Tiny Harris
T.I. pranks his wife Tiny Harris in his latest Instagram post. @majorgirl @sterlingpics/Instagram

He said, while displaying his all-brown attire, “Everytime I put on some clothes, when I feel like being fly like put on some real clothes my girl get mad… She get mad instantly right [like] ‘where you going? What the f–k you think you finna do.’ So let’s just see how this turns out.”

In the second clip, T.I. added a brown fringe jacket just to “enhance” his wife‘s reaction before making his way to what appears to be the kitchen. He said, “Alright, so, I done [added] a little extra. I put a little bit more sauce on it because I want to enhance the reaction.”

After a little bit of chatter and Tiny wanting to change her already planned attire for the undisclosed occasion, the “Bring ‘Em Out” emcee took it a step further by telling her that he was leaving. That comment appeared not to have sat well with the Xscape singer as she shot back, “First of all, now you playing…How you gon get dressed like this and talking about, I’ll see you in a minute.”

When T.I. asked his wife to elaborate on what she meant while trying to jokingly leave, the 46-year-old said, “You ain’t going nowhere, what are you doing… You know I ain’t going for that.” She continued by mentioning that the all-brown attire that the rapper is wearing in the video wasn’t what he essentially placed out.

“You were putting on some other bulls–t, now you got this on.” Toward the end of the recording, Tiny suggested that she would be going with her husband. The final clip of the fashion prank shows the aftermath of the singer trying to get ready as T.I. continues to push her buttons by asking her for his chains. The video wraps up with Tiny stating that she wants her husband to wait 15 minutes as she prepares to join him on his unknown quest.

As fans viewed the recordings, many of them pointed out Tiny’s actions throughout the entire prank.

“Tiny said ‘You know I ain’t going for that.'”

“That’s too cute tho she said aht aht lol I finna go.”

“Tiny say that’s too much SAUCE.”

Tiny Harris responds to her husband T.I.’s fashion prank. Photo:@majorgirl/Instagram

“Tiny want ALL the smoke.”

“That’s right Tiny….on his a– like back pockets!!I love it!”

In addition to fans bringing up Tiny, others claimed that T.I. did the absolute most in this video. One wrote, “You outta line now lol.” Another said, “Why you gotta PLAY ALL of the time.” An Instagram user stated the reason why Tiny only overreacted was because T.I. revved her up. That person wrote, “You just be revving her up.”

Hours after T.I. uploaded the video, Tiny responded on her Instagram story by reposting one of the clips and replying to a follower that said that the rapper ignited a prank war. She simply wrote eight red exclamation points emojis with the words “cuz!”

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