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‘Blue Wall of Silence’: Retired Kansas Detective Accused of Preying On Vulnerable Black Women for Decades, Framing Man for Slaying Is Finally Investigated by Feds

Federal prosecutors are investigating a retired detective following allegations that he sexually exploited Black women, terrorized other Black residents and a slew of other misconduct, a recent report has uncovered.

According to CNN, former Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department high-ranking detective Roger Golubski has been accused of sexual assault, retaliation and corruption. In one incident, Golubski allegedly framed a Black man for two murders that he was later acquitted of.

The allegations have circled the Kansas City neighborhood where Golubski worked for 35 years, but they only recently came to the forefront following the exoneration of a wrongful accused Black man, Lamonte McIntyre.

Lamonte McIntyre (right), Retired detective Roger Golubski. Credit: Edwardsville Police Department

It also got the attention of rapper Jay-Z’s social justice organization Team Roc. The group placed an ad in the Washington Post this month calling for the U.S Attorney’s Office to take action against the corruption in the police department.

“Racism and corruption have led to one of the worst examples of abuse of power in U.S. history,” Team Roc said in the ad addressed to Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta.

“That should come as no surprise to a law enforcement official of your stature and experience. You better than most understand the ‘blue wall of silence’ will prevent cops from turning on other cops, and asking a state to investigate itself is the quickest way to not discover the truth.'”

Golubski retired in 2010 at the rank of captain. The city’s newspaper has been rallying for the allegations against Golubski to be addressed for the last several years.

Sources told CNN federal prosecutors have been secretly hearing testimony about Golubski’s conduct since August.

Witnesses include Golubski’s former partner, other colleagues at the law enforcement agency, and one of his ex-wives. One of the officers testified about walking in on Golubski having sex with a woman at the police station.

According to reports, the allegations against Golubski first came under a microscope in 2016, after a review of McIntyre’s double-murder conviction. A 17-year-old McIntyre was sentenced in a case where Golubski was one of the leading detectives.

McIntyre’s mother, Rose, alleged Golubski sexually assaulted her in the late 1980s and then framed her son for the murders when she rejected his advances. After being incarcerated for 23 years, McIntyre was freed in 2017.

The McIntrye family later filed a civil suit against Golubski and other officers.

Many witnesses in the civil case described Golubski as a corrupted cop. One witness alleged the retired detective had an affinity for Black prostitutes and used his badge for sex and information. The lawsuit also accused Golubski of taking drugs and money from a local drug kingpin for his silence, to then use them to exploit prostitutes.

Lamont McIntyre’s mother said she suffered nightmares after Golubski coerced her to his office in the 1980s and performed oral sex on her against her will.

Rose McIntyre later had to change her number after receiving repeated calls from Golubski, she said in a sworn affidavit. Lamont McIntyre was awarded $1.5 million to settle a lawsuit for his wrongful conviction in 2020.

Since Lamont McIntyre’s release, the Kansas Star’s editorial board has lobbied for action against Golubski. One columnist wrote he was “the common denominator” in the unsolved murders of six Black women. The newspaper has chronicled decades of rape allegations against Golubski.

CNN reports that during a civil court deposition last year, Golubski repeatedly invoked his constitutional right against self-incrimination, pleading the Fifth.

Jay-Z’s Team Roc recently filed a lawsuit against the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department to obtain complaints of alleged misconduct against Golubski and other officers.

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