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‘Wow She Looks Just Like You’: Alfonso Ribeiro’s Daughter Is All Grown Up, See Rare Photos

“Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star Alfonso Ribeiro has a twin but it isn’t a sibling.

Last Thursday, Ribeiro celebrated his daughter, Sienna Ribeiro’s 19th birthday by giving her a shoutout on Instagram. While many of his followers focused on the event at hand — her birthday — others were too busy getting over how much the father-daughter duo look alike.

Alfonso Ribeiro, his daughter Sienna and his wife Angela. (Photo: @therealalfonsoribeiro/Instagram)

He shared four photos, the first being Sienna smiling and standing in between her father and her stepmom, Angela Unkrich. The other three were photos of a younger Sienna posing in her dance attire. Paired with the photos, the 50-year-old wrote a sweet caption about how proud he is of his oldest child’s growth.

“Wow! Cannot believe Sienna is 19 today. It feels like one minute ago, she was an infant in my arms. I am so proud of the incredible woman she is becoming. Love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday,” he wrote. Underneath his caption, were the comments from followers who compared the similarities between Alfonso and Sienna’s appearance.

One person simply wrote that they were “A spitting image.” Another said, “Wow! She looks just like you ❤️,” while another person said, “She looks JUST like her Daddy. ❤️”

Someone else got a little more specific about what makes the two look alike. They wrote, “First pic y’all got the same eyes and smile. #Lovely 🙏🏿,.”

Besides Sienna, Ribeiro has three other children with his current wife, Angela Unkrich. Like his previous marriage to Robin Stapler, Ribeiro is in an interracial relationship with Unkrich. Ribeiro spoke with ABS earlier this year about feeling unaccepted by the Black community since being in a “mixed” relationship.

“I’m never going to be white and I’m never going to be fully supported in the Black house,” he said and claimed that he gets “looks and comments constantly” from people judging his relationships. But toward the end of his statement, Ribeiro decided to take the high road and just let people have their views.

The “America’s Funniest Home Videos” host said, “But at the end of the day, if that’s the view they take, then that’s the view they take. I can’t change their mind. All I can do is live my life and be me and be the best version of me. And continue to love everybody equally, and let it fall where it falls.”

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