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‘What Tf Else Needs To Be Done’: Fans React to Alexis Skyy Saying She’s Getting More Surgery

Alexis Skyy may be popping up with a new body soon.

The 27-year-old wrote, “I can’t wait for this surgery” on her Instagram story on Monday, Oct. 4, and sent her followers into a frenzy. There are a few things for which the Instagram model is known. She’s been a star on VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop” reality TV show franchise and was previously dating few celebrity men like rapper Fetty Wap, Trouble and reality TV star Rob Kardashian.

Alexis Skyy says she’s getting more surgery done. (Photo: @alexisskyy_/Instagram)

But that’s not all. Skyy is also known for her voluptuous, full-figured body. It’s no secret that she’s had work done. According to an Instagram Live she did earlier this year, Skyy has gotten breast implants and she said she got butt shots done illegally when she was 18. With that and the current outcome of her cosmetic enhancements, many are confused about what other surgery the mother of one could possibly want.

“What tf else needs to be done,” said one seemingly frustrated person who reacted to Skyy’s post. One concerned person wrote, “Oh lord body gone fall off😢just stop u don’t need anything else.” Other people made several guesses that Skyy was going to get a “reduction” and someone said, “Probably corrective surgery.”

During the previously mentioned Live, Skyy informed her audience that she had not had liposuction. She further proved her case by showing them her pelvic area to confirm that she does not have the liposuction scars that occur as a result of the surgery. She did confirm that she will be getting lipo and said “the reason why is because there’s certain areas that I just want to get rid of fat.”

Earlier this month, she reiterated her desire to get lipo, after claiming people have been making negative comments about her stomach. She said their comments are “exactly why my a– is getting lipo.” Although she did not specifically state which surgery she had coming up in the Monday post, it seems there is a strong possibility that it is liposuction.

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