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‘So He Ain’t Take the $500K’: Fans React to Mendeecees Harris Linking Up with Jay-Z

Mendeecees Harris‘ recent photo with Jay-Z has fans bringing up the infamous Twitter debate where an individual had to choose between a dinner with the mogul or $500,000.

The reason why many mentioned the said tweet was because they speculated that the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star accepted the invite.

Mendeecees Harris shares a photo with mogul Jay-Z and fans bring up the infamous $500,000 tweet. Photo:@mendeeceesharris/Instagram

In a social media post shared on Thursday, Sept. 23, Harris is seen posing alongside Jay-Z. Although details surrounding their meeting was kept secret, that didn’t stop the 42-year-old from writing the caption, “Fu%k a caption!! Me x Hov 😬 #5MovesAHead.”

As Harris’ image went viral, a handful of followers brought up how he passed on $500,000.

“He took the meal over the $500K.”

“I guess he passed on the $500k.”

“This picture just confirmed that he chose lunch with Jay instead of taking the $500k 😂😂😂😂.”

“So he didn’t take the $500k.”

“He chose dinner with Jay-Z.”

In addition to the debate comments, other people mentioned how rare it is to see Jay-Z smile. One wrote, “Second person to get HOV to smile in a pic 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾.” Another said, “Damn hov never smile in pictures.” An Instagram user claimed that Harris’ good energy caused him to smile. “Don’t think I’ve ever seen Hov smile in a pic u must have dope a– energy.”

The Twitter debate originally began in 2018 and resurfaced earlier this month because many people considered Jay-Z as a role model and felt that having a hypothetical dinner with the mogul rather then accepting $500,000 would be more beneficial in the long run.

That debate was ultimately shut down when Tidal, a streaming platform previously owned by Jay-Z, tweeted on Sept. 8, “Take the $500K.” Although it wasn’t confirmed who sent out the post, with it being a company that at a time was affiliated with the mogul, it gained some attention on social media.

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