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‘I’m the Worst Fit for It’: Katt Williams Clarifies Kevin Hart Comments and Why He Feels It Wouldn’t Be Fair for Him to Do a ‘Verzuz’ Against Another Comedian

Katt Williams is clearing up his recent comments regarding him participating in a comedian-style “Verzuz” with Kevin Hart — or anyone else for that matter.

Radio hosts Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg asked Williams to talk more about the subject in a Tuesday interview on “Ebro In the Morning.” Around the 32-minute mark in the interview, Williams tells Ebro that even if he had a favorite comedian to go up against in “Verzuz,” the competition still would not be “fair.”

Katt Williams (left) elaborates on why it wouldn’t be fair for him to do a “Verzuz” with Kevin Hart (right). (Photo: @kattwilliams/Instagram) and (Photo: @kevinhart/Instagram)

“Verzuz” is a competition started by music producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. The format brings two popular artists or groups together to play 20 of their best songs against each other. The platform was created to keep fans entertained during the pandemic — especially since many concerts were canceled due to the quarantine regulations.

Although he was cut off during his explanation about the unfairness of the competition, he later elaborated on it and explained what he meant by his Kevin Hart comments a few days ago. He said, “I’m saying unfair for comedians, not because I’m better. I wasn’t saying it because of that. I’m saying it because I have commercially put out more opportunities than they have.”

So that it would not get misconstrued, he further explained that other comedians could not tell 20 jokes that were all some that people had heard already. Reminding them of the format of “Verzuz,” the 50-year-old said, “‘Verzuz’ has to be a joke you already told that they already know and for the guy that has 10 specials, that’s not fair. For the guy with 50 movies, is that fair that the guy can do six clips from movies and two jokes from each of his top five specials?”

However, Williams doubled down on the idea that there is no other comedian he believes would be a fair match for him in a “Verzuz.” “I wasn’t presenting it as I was better than anybody. I was saying I’m the worst fit for it.”

Williams’ initial comments stem from a Sept. 15 interview with Baltimore radio host Persia Nicole where he said doing a “Verzuz” with Hart would be “almost cheating for me.” After listing his achievements in his field, he said, “It probably don’t match up the way you think it match up. So I’m saying I wouldn’t involve me.”

What might’ve led some to think Williams was insinuating he was the better comic in comparison to Hart is because of their rocky past. Both comedians have taken shots at each other, but Williams has called out Hart and other comedians more. Hart has yet to respond to either of Williams’ comments about a “Verzuz.”

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