‘When They First Open Yea’: 50 Cent Admits to Lying In Some of His Songs

50 Cent is not only a troller, he’s somewhat of a fibber.

The rapper revealed during a lie detector test with Vanity Fair that he doesn’t always tell the truth in his music. He opened up about the lyrics and explains why he chose to use them as versus even when he hasn’t actually engaged in the activities about which he raps.

50 Cent reveals on which songs he’s lied. (Photo: @50cent/Instagram)

The interviewer asked him about his 2003 song “High All the Time,” which speaks to just what the title makes clear. However, 50 Cent shared that he actually does not smoke. When asked by the interviewer if he lies frequently in his music, he said, “Well, I was high all the time but everybody else was smoking around me.” The 46-year-old also said that there was a time where he asked Snoop Dogg to stop smoking weed on a set.

With a smile he recalled Snoop Dogg’s reaction. “He said, ‘Leave me the f–k alone 50; this s–t is legal.’” The interviewer later moved on to the next question, which addressed his song “In Da Club.” She asked about his “You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub,” verse to learn more about where 50’s bottles are “actually full of bub.” 50 replied, “when they first open yea,” but the interviewer continued to grill him and asked if his bottles are ever filled with ginger ale. “I have filled champagne bottles with ginger ale.”

The interviewer accused 50 Cent of lying in that song as well and asked if he has lied in any other songs. Confessing, he said, “Yeah, it’s points that you say things, be creative and create.” While the “Power” star was open about most of the questions there was one question he did not go elaborate on just yet. The beginning of the interview included a question about his move from New York to Houston, Texas. He initially announced the news on his social media account and said, “I’ll explain later.” When the interviewer asked if later has come yet he said, “It’s still not later.”

Some fans seemingly enjoyed watching 50 Cent being put to the test, and reacted to it in the comments. One person said, “He honestly acts like he’s going to be in trouble if he answers the questions wrong, LOL.” Someone else joked, “50 could lie and youd still believe him lol.” There were a few critics that wished the questions were better. “Man, leave the man alone! Or at least ask him some better questions,” said a fan.

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