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‘I Guess It’s All Entertainment Right?’: Tyrese Gibson Vocalizes How Awards Shows Have Become ‘One Gigantic Antic’ Following the VMAs

Tyrese Gibson appeared to be the voice of reason on Monday, Sept. 13, after the singer shared his take on how everything has become an antic.

This initial Instagram Story immediately followed the airing of the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, which included performances by Chloe Bailey, Normani and Lil Nas X. Although it is unclear if Gibson was addressing the event in his statement, it proved to be apparent to many when he began his sentiments with popularity is no longer “based on talent.”

Tyrese said his ex-wife defied a court order by leaving the country and dropping their daughter over a friend's house.
Tyrese weighs in on how award shows have become “one gigantic antic” following MTV’s Video Music Awards ceremony. Photo:@tyrese/Instagram

He said in a notepad feature on his phone, “Everything has become one gigantic ANTIC… Award Shows, social media, and life feels like one gigantic ANTIC. I miss the days when popularity was actually based on TALENT…. Hit records and hit movies….”

The 42-year-old added because entertainment is now solely based on undisclosed antics, he will sit back and watch as it unfolds. “So I will sit back like most and continue to watch the s–t show….I guess it’s all for entertainment right? Lol.” Gibson wrapped up his remarks by writing on his story with “whatever it takes just [to] go viral.”

As his post gained traction, many people expressed how they agreed with Gibson’s remarks, while bringing up the VMAs. One individual pointed out in a lengthy comment how artists of this generation feed into that behavior because they know it could potentially boost record sells.

Tyrese took to his Instagram story to discuss how award shows have become antics after the MTV Video Music Awards aired. Photo:@tyrese/Instagram

“Stares in shock cause I actually agree with him 😩😩.”

“He ain’t lying ! now a days they give these awards to artist because of popularity.”

“HE IS NOT WRONG!!! Music has been on a decline as of lately.”

“Totally agree but I think we need to focus on the fact that in this era, talent alone doesn’t do it. This generation loves the antics so these artists does what sells. Talented people are still here but the masses won’t support you being that alone😩.”

“He didn’t lie not one bit.”

In contrast to many agreeing with the father-of-two’s upload, a couple of people insinuated if Gibson was talking about the VMAs he should publicly call out who he was referring to in the Instagram Story. An individual wrote, “Put. A. Name. On. It.Some of the entertainers are sounding like bitter old heads because times are changing.” While another said, “Who wasn’t entertaining though lmao.”

Gibson has yet to respond to those claims.

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