‘You Want to Please Masa!’: D.L. Hughley Rips Social Media Personality Rizza Islam for Calling Him a ‘Sellout’ for Imploring People to Follow Science, Not ‘IG Trends’

Comedian D.L. Hughley is not taking the spread of misinformation regarding the coronavirus and available vaccines lightly. Nor is he letting critics get by with snide remarks aimed at him.

During an Aug. 25 airing of his weekday radio show, “The D.L. Hughley Show,” he spoke out about idle people turning to social media for guidance on COVID-19. In particular, Hughley took issue with people who ignore the scientific facts presented by public health officials about how to protect themselves from the deadly virus, and instead follow whatever trends — I.e. the crate challenge and taking horse dewormer — that literally place them in harm’s way.

Comedian D.L. Hughley (left) slammed social media personality Rizza Islam (right) for peddling misinformation about COVID-19 and insinuating he was a sellout for telling people to follow medical experts instead of social media trends. (Photos: @realdlhughey/Instagram Story, @gotcensord/Instagram)

Hughley’s question for the public on social media was simple: At what point  did LITERALLY risking life and limb climbing up and down crates or INGESTING ANIMAL DEWORMER is a ore viable option than something backed by science? Social Media TRULY is the GIFT and the CURSE.

The responses he was met with covered the gamut of stances an individual could take.

“It’s wild! Ignorance is at an all time and it’s killing people.”

“The science is being over simplified and pushing a one sided narrative”

And then came a comment from social media personality Rizza Islam. The Nation of Islam member, who has for years been a prominent opponent of vaccines, has been outspoken regarding his stance against the COVID-19 vaccines and what he characterizes as the threat they pose to all people, especially the Black community. 

The 30 year-old took aim at the original “King of Comedy” for his comments, writing, “You do NOT CARE abut the health of the people or else you would encourage lifestyle changes, building the immune system and you would bring on actual doctors & scientists who encourage the same.”

He continued, “You are bending over for this system and that’s is ALL you are doing. You don’t want real science, you do NOT want to help the masses, you want to please masa! That’s all you want and everybody can see it! Knock it off while you already hold nearly “0%” influence sir.”

Hughley, 58, made it no secret that he tested positive for the virus last summer. While he did not have symptoms at the time of diagnosis, Hughley still endured a bout with brain fog and exhaustion that led him to a place of contemplating suicide.

With that understood, it’s no surprise Hughley held nothing back when he took the time to respond to Islam’s inflammatory comment. He started by reminding Islam that as a comedian with “zero influence” it has not stopped the social media influencer from pitching himself as a guest on Hughey’s radio show.

“You should be used to hearing NO, it’s the reason you FAILED as an actor and NOW your latest hustle is turning to social media peddling falsehoods. Encouraging ‘lifestyle change’ in the middle of a pandemic after its already sickened 36m and killed over 630k is like calling the fire department AFTER the house has burned down!!’”

But Hughley didn’t stop there. He continued by slamming Islam for his lack of expertise and training in dealing with viral infections, yet still choosing to use his platform to promulgate his positions about COVID-19 to the public.

“‘Bringing on doctors and scientists’” You are NEITHER!! I’ve had the foremost virologist and epidemiologist IN THE WORLD on my platform, you’ve had quack doctors spreading lies and misinformation that landed you on 60 Minutes as art of the ‘Disinformation Dozen’ of which you are the ONLY BLACK ONE and you have the never to call ANYONE a sellout?!? You are LITERALLY A FRAUD (AND YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN). But hey, at least you FINALY made it TV!! Any by the way…it’s still a NO🤣🤣 What YOU better hope is people don’t actually start doing their research and Google you!!”

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