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‘She Needs to Answer All These Questions’: Candace Owens Remains Defiant, Continues to Post About Kim Klacik Despite $20M Defamation Lawsuit

Candace Owens doesn’t appear to be too worried by sister in conservative politics Kimberly Klacik‘s $20 million defamation lawsuit against her, a suit the commentator says is “obviously frivolous.” 

Early on the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 25, Owens took to her Twitter account to respond to news of Klacik’s claim. Klacik, a conservative gadfly and failed Republican 2020 candidate for the 7th District House seat formerly held by the late Elijah Cummings, is taking Owens to court over a social media video Owens shared back in June accusing Klacik of “tax fraud, campaign fraud, money laundering, illegal drug use, and acting as a ‘madame.'”

The suit maintained that “there was no truth to the allegations.”

The suit was filed in Baltimore County Circuit Court in late July. The pair have engaged in an ongoing social media feud ever since. 

However, Owens used her posts on Wednesday to double down on the allegations she made about her peer. “LOLLL Kimberly Klacik is a former stripper fraud who has me blocked on EVERY social media account since I exposed her shady FEC filings,” she wrote. “She launched an obviously frivolous lawsuit (read it) about me calling her a ‘madame’ to distract/avoid questions about her FEC filings.” 

In other posts, she continued, “Every person who gave to her campaign should demand answers about where her money went— particular, to ‘Fox & Lion LLC’ as well as to ‘Pearl Events’ —. Any journalists who wants to be taken seriously should look into her FEC filings. It’s the GOP story of the year.” In a third post, Owens shared an Instagram post directing her social media supporters to the 44-minute video that is at the heart of the defamation claim lodged by feud Klacik.

Folks on social media were seemingly exhausted by the pair, including one Twitter user who wrote, “You both need to cut this sh-t out …. It is the last thing WE THE PEOPLE need right now … you both would be more helpful working together than this ….”

Another advised Owens “to keep quiet on this.” They added, “You opened yourself up to lawsuit when you claimed to be doing it under ‘investigative journalism’ (if I’m remembering your video correctly). That statement should not have been used lightly as I’m sure your lawyer will tell you.”

When another social media user responded to Owens’ thread by saying, “I guess this means Candace isn’t back down,” she fired back, “Obviously not.”

She added, “She has her lawyer send me so many demands to take the video down and I refused. They are trying to say that me saying she was the strip club madame ‘implies’ she was a sex worker. Um— no it doesn’t. She needs to answer all these questions about her FEC filings.”

Klacik is claiming that her career took a hit following Owens’ remarks. She has yet to address this week’s retort. 

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