‘Girl I’m Hollering’: Keyshia Cole Reveals What She Does When She’s Having a Bad Hair Day

Keyshia Cole is revealing her special trick for when she’s having a bad hair day.

On her Instagram page, the singer uploaded a TikTok video of herself participating in a hilarious TikTok trend. The trend uses the sound of a man saying “nobody’s going to know,” while another man says “they’re going to know.” Then the first guy says “how would they know? How would they know?”

Keyshia Cole reveals how she covers up having a bad hair day. (Photo:keyshiacole/Instagram)

TikTokers typically take the sound and lip-synch over it while acting out a scene that works with the audio. For Cole, she was having a bad hair day, and found the perfect way to mask it up. She mouthed the words of the audio and nothing appears to be abnormal, as she continues to look into the camera and play with her braids.

Suddenly she takes off the bucket hat on her head and reveals that the braids are actually a part of the hat and used as a cover-up to look presentable for her “important zoom call.” In the caption, she wrote “So I had to do a really important zoom call😓 and my hair wasn’t done…” She added that her son Daniel Gibson Jr, “made [her] post this 🤦🏽‍♀️.”

She also thanked the person who created the hat and tagged that person’s business page so other fans could get the hat if they wanted. She said, “Thanks so much to my beautiful sis (Support Black business) @crownedbytina it really came in handy today. 💜💜💜”

Fans cracked up over the video. One person said, “love it! I need one of those lol ❤️ @keyshiacole.” Someone else said, “Girl im hollering i was like dang her braids are banging 😂😂😂😂.” Others did not see anything wrong with Cole’s real hair. Another viewer wrote, “Your hair looked fine to me but this is funny😂.”

Cole recently took a break from social media after losing her mother, who reportedly lost her battle to drugs on her 61st birthday last month. Since her return from her hiatus, the singer has dedicated several posts on her Instagram page and her IG story to her mother, by writing captions to commemorate her life and posting pictures of her.

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