‘Mama Joyce’s Voice Got Higher and Higher’: Riley Burruss Tries Scholarship Challenge with Mama Joyce and It Takes a Hilarious Turn

Riley Burruss‘ shot at the “scholarship challenge” on Sunday, Aug. 22, with her grandmother Joyce Jones left fans in tears.

The scholarship challenge is a recent TikTok prank where an individual will record a video alongside a loved one they consider to be their greatest inspiration in hopes to receive an unspecified amount of funds for school. The catch is the person making the video will lie about their loved ones’ life story, which in turn could potentially cause a confrontation.

Riley Burruss participates in the scholarship challenge alongside her grandmother Joyce Jones. Photo:@kandi/Instagram

Burruss, who celebrated her 19th birthday that weekend, was in town from school as she participated in the prank. In addition to celebrating her daughter’s birthday, Kandi Burruss served as the camera person as she also took part in the practical joke. The NYU student began the video by listing her inspirations in life, which included her grandmother and her mom.

She said, “Hi my name is Riley Burruss and I’m here trying to get the $100,000 scholarship and the prompt was inspires me the most. the people that inspire me the most are my grandma — and of course my mom.”

Burruss continued by informing the viewers that Jones believed in hard work while raising Kandi, and the Xscape’s singer late brother Patrick Riley. “My grandma really worked hard so that she can make sure that her daughter and her son went through school and learn to read and write from an early age. Cause she said that was her biggest fear so she had to really work and have multiple jobs which helped get my mom where she is today, of course, which in turn made me out to be who I am today. “

The prank took a slight turn when the 19-year-old began laughing after she said, “In order to provide for her children she had to get multiple jobs, so she started working at.”

Jones then asked to stop the recording as she saw that Burruss couldn’t contain herself. Shortly after, she informed the teen to mention her personal struggle with dyslexia as the reason why she encouraged education for her two children. Burruss then rephrased her initial sentiments by including her grandmother’s dyslexia battle and claimed this pushed her to take on several jobs, one being at a gambling house.

Immediately following that statement, the 71-year-old denied those allegations by saying “No! I didn’t work at no gambling house.” When Burruss repeated the same thing, Jones added that she worked at “craft foods.” As the video continued, the college student brought up how her grandma met “some people” and began “prostituting” — something Jones refuted. Burruss jokingly stated she heard that information from her great aunts, Bertha Jones and Nora Wilcox as her grandmother could be heard hysterically shouting in the background. ” She told me how you had to work hard and that you had to do prostitution.”

Burruss added, “they told me a few years ago when I was at their house and we were playing cards.” Jones responded “No, they didn’t. I never had to prostitute in my whole life.” The teen then questioned why she was provided that information, to which Jones said, “I ain’t never prostituted in my whole life. I can count the men on my hand I have ever been with.”

As Burruss uttered that her great aunts told her that Jones’ alleged occupation is what helped her receive perks like jewelry, she shouted “I got that from one man! I would date a guy that had money.” The ongoing conversation came to a halt after Burruss stated she should become a prostitute following her grandmother’s advice of knowing one’s worth, to which Jones responded “h–l no!” The clip ultimately ended with Kandi informing her mother that this entire skit was a prank.

While fans viewed the entire clip, a couple brought up their favorite part in recording while others stated how hilarious the entire thing was.

“Mama Joyce said hell naw I ain’t never been a prostitute.”

“This was so hilarious 😂😂.”

“Momma Joyce’s voice kept going higher and higher as she was trying to explain Herself!! No I have Never been!!😂😂😂😂love it❤️😂😂😂😂.”

“I’m in tearsssss 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

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