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‘Let’s Be Real with the People’: Kandi Burruss Details Surgical Journey, Wants Other Celebrities to Do the Same

Kandi Burruss is keeping it real when it comes to her surgeries, and she is encouraging other celebrities to do the same thing.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and powerhouse entrepreneur is using her “Speak On It” YouTube series to give fans a personal look into her “Body Work” journey, specifically with her breast reduction.

Kandi Burruss before and after the surgery. (Photos: @kandi/Instagram)

At the start of the 40-minute video, she explained, “There are so many celebrities out there who tweak and fix and they never claim it or if they do they never share who did the work unless the person did it for free and they’re doing it for a post or something like that. I just feel like, let’s be real with the people.” She later revealed the goal of the show, saying, “Let’s see how we can make things easier for people who really want to get those types of results.”

Burruss confessed to having liposuction, tummy tuck, a little bit of botox, and work done on her breasts. She went on to show the whole process of driving from Atlanta to Tennessee so Dr. Chad Deal could perform her surgery. She explained that an unnamed friend admitted to her that she received surgery after Burruss asked, and the friend told her Dr. Deal did the work.

Later on in the episode, Burruss can be seen preparing for the four-hour surgery, wearing a surgical gown and filling out paperwork. She shared that she’s already “had one reduction” but that the previous doctor did a poor job, and she was concerned about making sure this was done correctly. To a friend, she said, “I want to be like a C cup, that’s, you know, perky.”

After completing her surgery, Burruss headed to recovery for an hour. The next day she updated her viewers about the aftermath of the surgery. She said, “He reduced these bad boys, even though they’re still there. But they’re perky and they’re smaller for sure.”

The 45-year-old explained that she hasn’t gotten to see the work since it’s still wrapped up but that she would “hopefully” get to see them during her follow-up appointment.

For part two of Kandi’s series, this week Burruss will share her results and will interview social media influencer Tiarra Monet about her surgery experience.

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