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‘Billy Bow Williams’: Bow Wow Debuts a New Slicked Back Hairstyle, Fans React

Bow Wow is trying out a new hairstyle.

The rapper and actor uploaded a now-deleted Aug. 20 video on Instagram that showed the front part of his hair slicked down to the back while the sides and the back of his head were shaved. In the background, his mom can be heard saying that he looks like legendary actor Billy Dee Williams.

Bow Wow’s slicked-back hairstyle (Photo: @shadmoss/Instagram)

Bow Wow chuckled and jokingly let the comment go to his head, saying he may call the hairstyle the “Billy B” or the “Billy Bow Williams.”

Turning his attention to the other people in the room and the people on his phone, he started to ask people what they thought about the look. Although someone else in the room made it clear that they were not a fan of the hairstyle, he apparently was feeling the style. He said, “I like this; this different. Ain’t nobody got this. Who can pull this off other than me and Billy Dee?”

The clip ended with him joking with his mom asking if Billy Dee Williams is “my daddy.” Fans dropped their opinions and jokes in the comments. One person said, “Big Red “Five Heartbeats” my office hrs are from 9 to 5 vibes! No debate.” The person was referring to Hawthorne James’ character in the 1991 film, “The Five Heartbeats.”

Someone else said, “You look like the great value Terrence Howard,” while another thought he looked “more like Al Sharpton.” Another wrote that his “hair look crunchy.”

While Bow Wow joked about showing up to his meet and greet event with his new look, it looks like he changed his mind at the last minute. At the Sunday event, which was meant to promote his Bow Wow Wave Check Durag and his Twist King Brush, he showed up in his latest signature hairstyle: designed cornrows.

The meet and greet took place at two beauty supply stores in Atlanta, and he stayed in the city that night to make a club appearance at Opium.

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