‘These Ain’t Even the Same Thing!’: Niecy Nash’s Mind-bending Meme About Mask Requirements and Segregation Goes Left, Then Right, And Ultimately Nowhere with Fans

Actress Niecy Nash has merged the worlds of mask wearing with segregation. And at their intersection is a slew of commentary from her fans who had much higher expectations for her. 

The ongoing pandemic and division caused by recommendations of health officials for all people to continue wearing masks was clearly on Nash’s mind when she exercised her right to tweet. On Thursday, Aug. 19, Nash figured she would give her 418,000 followers “Something to think about” in the form of a meme.

Actress Niecy Nash may have given her followers a little too much to think about after posting a meme that merged mask-only signs with those of white-only signs. (Photo; @niecynash1/Instagram)

The photo is of a group of Black men, women and children outside a store watching as a little girl drank from the “Colored Only” water fountain. The caption of the meme reads, “People are upset at stores with signs that say ‘Masks Only’ now imagine how it felt when it said ‘White’s only.’ ”

The “Claws” star did not provide any context to the post nor share her intention, instead she let people run with their own interpretations. And that they did. 

Many of Nash’s followers were thrown by the post and expressed disappointment and struggled to wrap their minds around Nash, based on their own perception, being against masks, and for implying that mask requirements were somehow equivalent to segregating people based on their race. 

“Godd—n people are disappointing. I felt like Niecy was smarter than this.”

“It’s really not with a thought. This wasn’t even a fully formed idea.”

Others’ interpretation of the meme fell in line with assuming people who feel targeted by mask requirements are the same people who would be perfectly content with race-based segregation.

“I thought this was an anti-mask meme until someone explained to me that to them it meant that the same white people who would have supported ‘whites only’ spaces are now complaining because they are being left out.”

Alas, some people were unclear on why segregation had to be used for comparison and were simply through with the meme and Nash’s food for thought altogether.

“I’m wheezing at the comments coz I feel everyone is understanding whatever they want. That meme is a mess 😂😂”


“Now Neicy – You should know full gahd—n well these ain’t even the same thing!”

With Nash remaining mum on where she stands, it is virtually impossible to truly know whose perspective with which she would be in alignment. However, one thing is certain: She accomplished gifting people something to think about.

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