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‘Now I Don’t Want to Talk About This Again’: Michelle Williams Candidly Talks About the ‘Traumatic’ Destiny’s Child Fall for a Final Time

Michelle Williams addressed the infamous Destiny’s Child fall yet again via Instagram on Wednesday, Aug. 18, following her recent appearance on “Larry Reid Live.”

The initial incident occurred in 2005 during the group’s “106 and Park” performance of its single “Soldier.”

Following her recent interview with “Larry Reid Live,” Michelle Williams opens up about why the infamous Destiny’s Child fall was traumatic. Photo:@michellewilliams/Instagram

The singer appeared on the radio show earlier this week as she promoted her book “Checking In: How Getting Real about Depression Saved My Life—and Can Save Yours.” The interview took a slight turn for the worst when Reid mentioned the on-stage “106 & Park” blunder.

The 42-year-old opened up about why that incident was traumatic and triggering for her after she noticed that Reid’s interview was going viral. She said, “I see that one of the clips that Larry Reid posted from our interview last night is making its rounds and I want to say that we had so much fun. It was highly impactful. It was one of the most well-rounded check-ins. We had fun, we talked about everything serious as it relates to the book. And he slid that question in. He slid it on in.”

Michelle Williams discusses her infamous Destiny’s Child performance fall during an interview with “Larry Reid Live.” Photo:@larryreidlive/YouTube

Williams stated despite the radio host’s unsolicited comment regarding the fall that the entire group including Reid, his co-hosts and the singer were “cutting up” before going live on the air. She also shared that she wanted blog sites to post the entire eight minutes of her jokingly “gathering” Reid for bringing up her on-stage tumble. “Now some of y’all blogs I need y’all to post the whole eight-minute gathering. Cause I gathered honey. Tuh, I gathered you hear me, ’cause Larry did try it! He tried it. He tried it. He tried it.”

The “Say Yes” vocalist continued the video by mentioning that regardless of that viral moment in history she’s able to laugh at it now because its been 16 years since it happened. She added that the incident inspired her to be resilient in any aspect in life. “Listen, I think my life is just what it means to literally be resilient. My life is literally what it means to fall and get back up.”

The live discussion switched gears when one of Williams’ followers asked her why that 2005 performance affected her so deeply. She said while describing different forms of trauma, “To me, if y’all want to go mental-health wise — about that experience on “106 & Park,” yeah to me, I’m sorry that’s a form of trauma. It’s a form of trauma because it plays over and over again. People don’t want to let it go … I know it’s funny to watch. But for me, personally, it was traumatic.”

Immediately after the singer’s response, another follower questioned if it was the feeling of “shame or failure” that attributed to the event being considered as traumatic. Williams explained that particular incident was a “shot heard ’round the world” in regard to her career. “That goes more viral than my mission. My mission to heal, my mission to inspire. That’s my purpose is to bring healing. All of this is more viral then the actual book that I wrote.” She wrapped up that sentiment by saying it was more so shame from the fall that affected her.

Alongside the video, Williams also shared a lengthy comment informing fans that she will no longer speak on this incident again. She wrote as she shared encouraging words to those listening who might stand to hear them, “I got up though!!! I had a blast with @larryreidlive last night and of course a particular clip is making its rounds! This IGTV is to salute those who have persevered and have kept it moving AFTER something humiliating, embarrassing, painful, traumatic, etc!!! As long as you get UP, that’s all that matters! AMPLIFY a person being able to stand as much as you amplify their fall!! Now I don’t wanna talk about this again…. Chile it’s 16 or 17 years old…. That fall can now go to the DMV and get a license! Ok bye! 😂.”

As fans viewed Williams’ post, many flooded her comments section with love and expressed how happy they were to see her shine through during a trying time in her life.

“Loved the interview, you are such a joy 😊.”

“Glad you’ve gotten to a place where you can laugh about it💜.”

“You handled that like the G you are! 😂❤️ 🙏🏽.”

“I love you!!”

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