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Michelle Williams Mourns the Passing of Her Father: ‘For 15 Years, You Fought’

Michelle Williams announced the passing of her father, who died Dec. 20 at age 68.

The former Destiny’s Child member shared the news on Instagram in a heartfelt post dedicated to her father, Dennis Williams.

I just don’t know what to say or where to start. Daddy, you fought harder than those of us that are in good health!” she wrote. “For 15 years, you FOUGHT! You truly outlived moments where we thought you wouldn’t make it! Mommy said last night she sang songs to you and you looked so content and had a look of peace in your eyes.”

Michelle Williams’ father Dennis Williams. (Photo: @michellewilliams/Instagram)

“You weren’t in any pain either!” she continued. “The Lord took you in his arms this morning and I’m so thankful that you are resting in Him! I love you Daddy!”

Tina Knowles-Lawson expressed her sympathy on Instagram.

“My Belle, I am so sorry !!! Your dad was a true warrior. Yes He is resting now and is with your beloved granny ❤I am so glad we had the time together in Hawaii , and that we talked for an hour last night we love you so much.”

The 41-year-old Williams had previously discussed her father’s health issues. The singer is an ambassador for the American Heart Association’s Power To End Stroke campaign. Williams said her father had a stroke in 2005 due to smoking, diabetes and an unhealthy diet, which inspired her to want to educate others about stroke prevention.

“I am bringing awareness to people so that strokes can be prevented. Let’s take care of ourselves. … The first step is knowledge about your health,” Williams said told the AHA.

Williams is also championing other aspects of health and wellness with Checking In with Michelle Williams, which was listed in O, The Oprah Magazine’s “12 Most Anticipated Podcasts of 2021.”

The podcast is based on her upcoming book, “Checking In: How Getting Real about Depression Saved my Life — and Can Save Yours.” On the show, Williams is expected to interview other celebrities who will discuss their personal mental health issues. It’s scheduled to release on Tuesday, while her memoir is expected in May 2021.

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