Death Threats? 5 Developments Regarding Kenya Moore and Marc Daly’s Divorce and Child Custody Proceedings

Reality star Kenya Moore of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and her estranged husband Marc Daly made headlines on Tuesday, Aug. 17, after their child custody ruling over their daughter Brooklyn Daly, 2, was made public. 

A Georgia judge initially reached the decision in June, one month after Moore filed for divorce from Daly after four years of marriage.

(L-R): Marc Daly, Brooklyn Daly and Kenya Moore Photo:@thekenyamoore/Instagram

Listed below are the five developments surrounding Moore and Daly’s divorce and custody proceedings.

Moore Demanded Primary Custody of Brooklyn Prior to Filing for Divorce

According to Radar Online, months before filing for divorce in May, the 50-year-old bid for primary custody of her 2-year-old daughter in a separate custody case. In the initial petition, she also requested her estranged husband receive visitation. On June 11, Daly fired back at Moore’s custody case by asking for joint legal custody of Brooklyn. The entrepreneur also favored Moore’s request to get sole physical custody of their daughter in the same suit. The judge ultimately granted the “RHOA” star primary custody the same month. 

Brooklyn Can be Filmed on “RHOA” 

During the former couple’s months’-long custody battle, Daly tried to prevent Moore from having Brooklyn appear on “RHOA.” In June, the judge ruled in the reality star’s favor, finding that Moore’s testimony proved that she was “a protective and involved parent.” Court documents that Radar Online obtained further explained that because of the former beauty queen’s line of work, not having her daughter participate could negatively impact “her ability to make money.”

The court’s final judgment states Moore will have the final say on Brooklyn appearing on the show. However, the mother of one will be ordered to inform Daly about each time filming is occurring. At the same time, the 2-year-old will only be allowed to appear in “age-appropriate” scenes.

Daly Claimed He Had to Hire Security Because of Death Threats Placed Against Brooklyn and Himself

In newly released court documents, Daly claimed one reason why he wanted to limit Brooklyn’s appearance on “RHOA” was because of the alleged “threats” the 2-year-old was receiving on social media. The 51-year-old stated in court because of his relationship with Moore getting “a lot of media attention” from the reality show, he is concerned that additional exposure will then amount to more threats being issued toward the toddler on social media platforms that feature her. Daly even admitted to hiring security personnel to protect him and his business because he, too, has been receiving threats. 

Kenya Moore (left), Brooklyn Daly (center) and Marc Daly (right) @thekenyamoore/Instagram

Daly Also States Bad Press from the Reality Show Is Causing His Restaurant Sales to Plummet 

In the same court documents, Daly explained how press from “RHOA” has negatively affected his business prior to the judge’s ruling in Moore’s favor of featuring Brooklyn on the show. The businessman is a restaurant owner. One of his restaurants includes SoCo, a Southern fusion restaurant based in Brooklyn, New York. During the custody case, he had asked for details to be sealed so he wouldn’t receive further backlash, a request ultimately granted. 

The Former Couple Is Fighting Over Property and Child Support

Despite Moore filing for divorce in May, the case is still pending because the couple is fighting over assets, including child support as well as a formerly shared Georgia home. Moore initially purchased this home before her marriage to Daly. Despite the initial purchase, Daly also invested money in the home over the years through renovations, other “gifts or joint purchases.”

Both parties are slated to return to court later this year.

Moore and Daley were married in June 10, 2017, and later separated in Sept. 2019.

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