‘It Wasn’t Even My Car’: Ludacris Opens Up About Carjacking and How He Was Able to Help Others Recover Their Stolen Items

Ludacris has learned his lesson after getting carjacked in Atlanta.

In a Tuesday, Aug. 17, interview with “The Breakfast Club,” the rapper-actor opened up about the events that led to the January incident.

Ludacris talks about being carjacked. (Photo: @ludacris/Instagram)

“The irony of this entire story is, it wasn’t even my car,” said Ludacris with his arms folded and a chuckle. He explained that he joined a program called “Mercedes-Benz Program” through which the program will “lend you these cars for two years.” He confessed that he left keys in the vehicle while he walked over to an ATM. Measuring the distance with his arms, he claimed he “wasn’t even this far away” when suddenly someone pulled off in the car.

He later explained how getting the car back ended up being a mission that was bigger than himself. After revealing he had left his iPad and laptop in the car, he said, “I was able to do the ‘Find My iPhone’ and track my stuff and that’s where I went and found it.” He continued, “the crazy part about the whole story is that where they found my laptop — they found 20 other stolen items from a bunch of other people in the same spot.”

Despite previously confessing his faults, Ludacris jokingly boasted, “It was because Ludacris’ car got stolen that I was able to help recover a bunch of other people sh-t, so thank me.”

While he retrieved all of his items in less than an hour, Ludacris said that he will “never make that mistake again,” of leaving his car unattended with the key inside.

That’s not all the father of four daughters admitted to in that interview. He also confessed to being the “worse hoarder of all.” He said that his wife, Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, is from an African country called Gabon and it’s her family that helps relieve his issue. My wife’s family, they still live in Africa,” Ludacris explained, “so everything I hoard we put on this container that goes across the water, and I give it to everybody in Africa who’s going to appreciate it so much more than any family members or anybody I could give to in the United States of America.”

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