‘Tomorrow Is Not Promised’: Jada Pinkett Smith Debuts New Addition to Her Ongoing Sleeve Tattoo After Initially Wanting to Wait Until She Was 60 Years Old

Jada Pinkett Smith became the quintessential definition of embracing change with age from shaving her head to debuting a new meaningful piece of ink.

The 49-year-old, who is seen wearing a green tracksuit, displayed her new tattoo on Monday, Aug. 16, of Hindu goddess Mata Sita from the literature epic Ramayana. Sita is known to represent purity, divinity, sacrifice, simplicity and love.

Jada Pinkett Smith shows off her latest tattoo as the actress reveals she always wanted a sleeve at the age of 60. Photo:@jadapinkettsmith/Instagram

Pinkett Smith also informed her millions of followers in her caption that this latest addition is an ongoing process as she plans to get an entire sleeve. She wrote,”I always said I would get a sleeve at 60 but tomorrow is not promised. Soooo … I’m starting to build my sleeve now Repp’n the Divine Feminine journey within and without. ✨Jai Ma✨,” “#MataSita,” “#Allat,” “#Oshun,” and “#QuanYin.”

The actress initially got her first tattoo months ago of a lotus flower — alongside her mom Adrienne Banfield-Norris and daughter Willow Smith. As fans began to view the mother of two’s latest post, many of them marveled over her “beautiful form of expression.”

“It Looks so good ❤️🙌👏.”

“How can you not love this type of authenticity 😍🔥 Divine!”

“Yes 👏🏽 Build your sleeve. It’s a beautiful form of expression.”

“Niiiiice Jada!!!! Can’t wait to see the finished form. 🔥👏👩🏽‍.”

“Love to see it😍.”

In May, when Pinkett Smith, Banfield Norris, and Smith got their matching lotus tattoos done by Dr. Woo, the women documented the entire process on their Facebook Watch show “Red Table Talk.” In the series, the “Transparent Soul” singer disclosed why the trio settled on getting a lotus.

She said, “The lotus represents spiritual enlightenment, and we hear the saying, ‘Through the mud grows the lotus. From the bud to the blossom to the bloom, I feel like [it] expresses the spiritual journey but also the three of us: I’m the youngest, my mom is the middle, and Gam is the fully bloomed lotus.”

Pinkett Smith shared the journey by uploading photos of the final product on her Instagram page with the caption, “Look what we did!!!! Thank you @_dr_woo_ for your patience and generosity of your craft and spirit✨ Now I want a sleeve!!!!”

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