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‘Are Y’all Surprised’: Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson’s Supposed Meal Plan Sends Social Media Into a Frenzy

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson had fans beside themselves on Aug. 11 when the former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver listed his apparent meal plan after a Twitter user offered to cook “a nice breakfast” for him. This interaction initially began after Johnson shared a photo of his hearty meal earlier in the day. It consisted of boiled eggs cut in half sprinkled with black pepper alongside two toasted pop tarts. 

Immediately following that post, a Twitter user named Starr questioned the father of seven’s eating habits by writing, “[Pop tarts]…really bro?” Johnson responded to the tweet, “Yes, since I was a kid, what’s the issue, my queen?” The conversation took a slight turn when Starr suggested cooking him breakfast. The 43-year-old then informed the Twitter user that he is not a fan of home-cooked meals, especially while gaming.

Chad Johnson revealed his apparently dubious meal plan, leaving many fans not surprised by his choices. (Photo: @ochocinco/Instagram)

Despite Johnson not playing in the football league for years, he is currently an assistant to the head of research & analytics at Madden NFL and an avid gamer. 

He said, “It’s weird I don’t care for cooked meals in general, anyone I’ve ever dated I prefer they stay out the kitchen, I like my simple honey buns, cosmic brownies, pop tarts, boiled eggs, oatmeal (peaches & cream), if you’ve followed long enough it’s a delicacy for me while gaming.”

As Johnson’s tweet became viral many people commented how they weren’t surprised by his response. One social media user even brought up how his favorite meal is McDonalds.

“I mean, he also thinks dates shouldn’t cost more than $20. So not surprising he has the pallet of a 6-year-old.

“This man’s favorite restaurant is McDonald’s. Are y’all surprised?”

“…This n–a stay bragging about junk food”

“Lol he’s so true to being a simple man that loves the simple things.”

Johnson’s love for McDonald’s ran so deep that he tweeted last year while dating his then-girlfriend and now fiancée Sharelle Rosado he knew he found “the one” because she loved the fast food restaurant he does. He wrote, “a man that findeth a woman that likes McDonald’s has foundeth a wife.”

Although there was a commotion surrounding Johnson’s meal plan list, it’s possibly meant in jest.

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