‘She Never Ages’: Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Fans Rave Over the Actress’ Youthful Appearance in Latest Photo

Jada Pinkett-Smith had fans assuming the actress went back in time age-wise on Wednesday, July 28, after she uploaded a new selfie showcasing what she deemed was one of her flaws. 

Pinkett-Smith appeared in front of a blank wall background as she pointed out her crossed eyes in the initial post. 

Jada Pinkett-Smith’s latest photo has fans gushing over her ageless appearance. Photo:@jadapinkettsmith/Instagram

The 49-year-old said in the caption while displaying her newly shaven head, “When you return to yourself but become a tad cross-eyed in the process😆 Happy Wednesday ✨.” Immediately following the upload, fans bypassed Pinkett-Smith’s imperfection and marveled over how youthful she appeared in the simple snapshot. One fan went as far as to ask if the mother of two has had “any work done,” or if she has aged well.”

“She never ages.”

“Sis you look more beautiful every day your age has not traveled to your face, leaving any woman jealous 🙌.”

“Black don’t crack, it ages just like wine.”

“I say this in all humility and love… My gosh, you aged backward. You look fresh, illuminated, and YOUNG!!! 🙇🏾‍♀️.”

“Soo did she get any work done or, is she just aging gracefully?”

Jada Pinkett-Smith’s current photo at 49 (left) compared to a cropped throwback image (right) she shared of herself, her mom and baby Willow Smith in honor of Mother’s Day without disclosing her age.Photo:@jadapinkettsmith/Instagram

Pinkett-Smith revealed her skin routine last year as she uploaded a video featuring her and her daughter Willow Smith. In the caption, the “Set It Off” star shared with her fans details of how she maintained her ageless appearance. She stated that steaming was “one” of her secrets despite visiting her “aesthetician twice a year.”  

“Steam is one of my secrets and you don’t need a steam room. Boil water … pour it into a bowl … put your face over the bowl and throw a towel over your head. Sit under the towel for 1-2 minutes. This process helps to keep skin moist … to pull out impurities and to open pores to put nourishment into the skin.”

Pinkett-Smith closed her sentiments by emphasizing the importance of diet as the “Red Table Talk” host disclosed that she consumes eight to nine bottles of water daily. “I drink at least 8-9 bottles of water a day (sometimes more🙃) I don’t drink soda or juices. Water is really ALL I drink. DIET IS SO IMPORTANT! We’ll get more into that … later.” 

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