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A Black Man Defends Black Women Against a Random ‘Karen’ Who Thinks They’re Ruining the Country and Should Be Put In Their Place: ‘So She’s Racist and Envious’

News of white women meddling in the business of Black people has made headlines once again after a Black man from California garnered praise from people online after he defended Black women against the verbal attack of a woman now dubbed a “Karen.”

It’s unclear when the incident took place. However, in a nearly four-minute clip posted to Nicholas Wilkerson’s YouTube on Friday, July 23, the man, who is Black, was at a restaurant when an unidentified woman began talking to him about Black women. She claimed that Black women are destroying the country and that it is up to their Black male counterparts to rectify the problem. 

An unidentified woman goes on tirade about Black women before she’s put in her place. Photo: Nicholas Wilkerson / YouTube screenshot

At first, Wilkerson seemingly engages the woman to keep her talking as he records the interaction. And sure enough, the woman went into a tirade, stating, “The Black male needs to get up and decide to put these Black chicks in their place.” Pretending not to hear, Wilkerson asks, “You said that Black women are messing with your mom?” to which she corrects him, stating, “The country!” 

The man then tells the woman to wait as he orders food but soon after tells her to proceed, to which she reiterates that “The Black male needs to wrestle the Black female and tell her— put her in her place.” She added, “Because if you don’t, she is gonna just … she’s just gonna, I don’t know. She’s just gonna … you know … mess it all up.” 

When asked just exactly how Black women were ruining this country, the woman was unable to answer.

After a while, Wilkerson decided to share his own opinion on Black women, telling the seemingly misguided woman that “First of all, Black women are strong.” He continued, “We got strong Black women in this world. Yes indeed. And the Black women in this country, in this world, is not the problem,” to which the woman, struggling to keep track of her words, agrees. 

Wilkerson then informed her that if she has an issue with Black women, it essentially means she has a problem with his mothers, sister, and other Black women. The woman, confused, says “no, no, no,” then a “yes, yes, yes.”

In the comment section of his YouTube page, the man garnered praised for how he handled the situation. 

One person wrote, “Love how you stand up for black women. Cool, calm, collected. Sorry this happened to you. Hope the conversation with you new table mates was more enjoyable.”

Meanwhile, others pointed out that the woman might’ve been intoxicated when she passionately aired out her racist beliefs as she was seen drinking.

“So – she’s racist and envious of black women, and decides she wants to order a black man to ‘do something’ about it,” wrote another. “Kudos to this young man elegantly putting this (for lack of a better word) woman in her place.”

“THIS WOMAN IS A HUGE PART OF WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA,” expressed a third. “I’m absolutely disgusted that this is what POC have to deal with. It’s just sick. I’ll never understand why people are this ignorant. I’m sorry you even came across this woman and I’m sorry that you’ll prob come across more like her in your lifetime.”

Eventually, a waitress came by the table to inform Wilkerson that another party had invited him over to join them. He tells the white woman to have a good day and leaves.

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