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‘They Needa Just Make Another Black Superhero Icon’: News of Michael B. Jordan Working on a Black ‘Superman’ Series Is Met with Mixed Reactions

A new look into the multiverse of “Superman” is being lead by actor Michael B. Jordan and his latest project.

Jordan is rumored to be working on a limited series for HBO Max exploring the storyline of Earth 2’s Black superhero Val-Zod. Val-Zod was created in 2014 as the second Black Superman — the first being Calvin Ellis, Kal-El, who was created in 2009.

Michael B. Jordan is rumored to be in the works on a Black “Superman” limited series that would explore the storyline of Black superhero Val-Zoe. (Illustration: Collider)

In 2018 Jordan made his Marvel debut when he took on the role as lead antagonist Killmonger in “Black Panther,” but now, with his own “Superman” series in the works, he may have found his opportunity to showcase his talents in the world of DC Comics. Though details of the project remain under wraps, Collider reports that a writer has been enlisted to work on a script. However, Jordan’s commitment to leading the project on-camera remains undetermined.

For years “Superman” fans have read comics and watched Clark Kent, a white male, adorn the blue and red superhero outfit emblazoned with the signature “S” on the chest. And for some, the idea of seeing anything different onscreen struck a nerve.

But Jordan’s efforts may have been given the perfect co-sign by Val-Zod’s co-creator Tom Taylor, who revealed the actor was some-what an inspiration during the character development process.

In February, Warner Bros. announced a script was in the works for a film exploring the multiverse’s Black Superman via the Calvin Ellis, Kal-El storyline. If made, the film would be the first time the Man of Steel has been portrayed on the big screen as a person of color. With his acclaimed performance in “Black Panther,” Jordan’s name was also thrown into the mix for consideration in the lead role.

However the “Creed” actor put an end to speculation a few months after the film was announced. “I’m flattered that people have me in that conversation. It’s definitely a compliment, but I’m just watching on this one,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

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