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‘Clearly, You Haven’t Done Your Homework’: Tamar Braxton Slams Twitter User Who Questioned the Singer’s New Hosting Gig After Claiming Reality TV Almost Killed Her

Tamar Braxton took to Twitter on July 26 to address a user’s “dumb question” regarding her new hosting gig for Zeus Network’s “Baddies Atlanta” reunion special alongside Jason Lee. 

“Baddies ATL” is a reality web series starring several of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” members, including Natalie Nunn, Tanisha Thomas, Sarah Oliver, Meghan James, Christina Salgado, Judi Jackson, Janelle Shanks, Seven Craft, and reality star Sidney Starr. The show initially began airing on Zeus Network in May. 

Tamar Braxton blasts a Twitter user who questioned her new hosting gig after she claimed reality television almost killed her. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

 The Twitter user questioned Braxton’s job in the special after the 44-year-old recently claimed in an interview that reality television programming almost “killed” her. 

The Twitter user named @yeahitsslay wrote in a now-deleted post following Braxton’s initial announcement about the reunion special slating to air next month, “quick question @tamarbraxtonher you are hosting the Baddies ATL reunion for what exactly? Isn’t this the Same reality tv that almost killed you???? let’s chat.” 

The “Love and War” songstress replied by mentioning the “great” people who have previously hosted reunion specials. She said, “While I know you are not worth the response because clearly, you haven’t done your homework… to answer your dumb question… NO!..all the greats have hosted #1 reality reunion shows. @wendywilliams@lalaanthony @kevinfrashier etc.. get ready for more.”

As fans caught wind of Braxton’s tweet, many people defended her, while others clarified the difference between hosting and starring in a reality television series. 

“Tamar never said she was gonna stop doing tv. She just don’t want to be a part of the toxic s–t which is having the camera in her face all the time and getting in her business it’s a difference so IDK why people are confused and coming for her.”

“Hosting a showing and being PART OF A CAST is two different things boo”

“Okayyyyyy I’m not mad girl, get that check. Hell, even Star Jones hosted a Bad Girls Club Reunion.”

“I mean, you didn’t say you were going to stop working lol. There’s a difference between hosting something & having a camera in your face 24/7 getting into your personal business. Idiot. To throw something detrimental in someone’s face like that is annoying…”

Braxton told People magazine this month that one factor that contributed to her purported suicide attempt was her son’s opinion about her portrayal on reality television. She said, “I didn’t want to continue being a disappointment for him. How can his friends’ parents respect me if this is what they see every day? I wouldn’t let my kid go over to a child’s house if this is what was portrayed on television. In my sickness, I thought that if I can take the embarrassment out of his life, maybe he would have a chance to have the best life.”

While she may only be hosting “Baddies ATL” reunion, she did reportedly sign on for the revamped “The Surreal Life” reality series.

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