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‘That Sauce Ain’t Going Nowhere’: Gabby Douglas Showed Fans She Still Has It When Participating In This TikTok Challenge

Although Gabby Douglas may not be on the 2021 Olympic roster, that didn’t stop the 25-year-old from proving that she was still the proclaimed “goat” on Tuesday, July 13, by participating in a handstand test challenge on TikTok. 

The initial challenge, which became viral on the social media app last year, consists of various guided positions such as a stag handstand, straddle handstand, tuck handstand and a split handstand. The stag handstand involves the individual’s legs being split with bent knees.

Gabby Douglas shocked fans with her strength and her flexibility when she participated in the “handstand challenge” on TikTok. Photo:@gabbydouglas/TikTok

A straddle handstand is when one’s body is faced forward, and legs are divided from a 180-degree angle. A tuck handstand is where both knees and hips are bent and pulled closer to the chest. The split handstand is a forward split leg variation. 

In the clip, viewers witness Douglas execute each pose within the span of 42 seconds. As the former Olympian’s video began circulating on social media, many fans praised the star for her epic moves. 

“She’s an Olympian lol that sauce ain’t going nowhere.”

“Forever the goat in my eyes.”

“The fact that she could hold herself up that long Sheesh ✔️.”

“Gabby been a goat🐐. my good sis a legend in the gymnastics world.”

One person went as far as to list one of her many accolades while also giving credit where it is due. That person said, “She still the first Black girl to get that Gold so she deserves her flowers don’t get me wrong I STILL LOVE me some Simone.”

Douglas became a household name in 2012 after she became the first American to win gold medals in the gymnastic individual all-around as well as team competitions at the same Olympic games. She also is the first African-American gymnast in Olympic history to win the individual all-around champion title. Douglas also was an Olympic team gold medalist in 2016.

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