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‘Damn Erica’: Safaree Samuels Claims His Wife Erica Mena Destroyed His Belongings Poured Paint In His Motorcycles’ Exhaust Pipes

Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena’s marriage has possibly passed the point of no return.

On Thursday, July 15, TMZ reported that Samuels accused his estranged wife of damaging $30,000 worth of his sneakers by pouring bleach on them, in addition to pouring paint in the exhaust pipes of two of his motorcycles. Samuels took this matter to court and asked the judge to hold the mother of his two children in contempt.

Safaree Samuels
Safaree Samuels accuses his wife, Erica Mena, of pouring bleach on his sneakers and paint on his exhaust pipes. (Photo: @iamerica_mena/Instagram)

The incidents reportedly happened in May, just two days after Mena filed for divorce. She allegedly not only poured bleach on his shoes, but also cut the laces. On top of reportedly putting paint in the exhaust pipes of two of his motorcycles, Mena also poured paint on the motorcycles and his four-wheeler; the latter Samuels seemingly loves, as he shows through his social media platforms. Samuels is asking the court to make Mena pay him $50,000 in damages and said he has her alleged act recorded on home security.

In court documents, Samuels, who recently faced backlash for partying in Jamaica while their newborn was in the neonatal intensive care unit, said Mena claims to be swamped with taking care of their son but “has ample time to engage in disruptive and intentional acts to vilify and disparage.” Holding someone in contempt can lead to jail time and fines.

Fans gave mixed reactions to the news, with some siding with Mena and others siding with Samuels. One of Mena’s supporters said, “she should’ve did more the nerve of him to be out partying while your kid in the hospital 🥴.” One person defending Samuels said, “That’s why he don’t wanna be around her.” Someone else said, “Lmfao damn Erica now you gone have to pay him.”

Mena seemingly responded to the news on her Instagram story with a video of her filming for “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.” In the video, she is shaking her ankle while saying “Let me not even get into it. Let me not get into it.” In addition to that, she wrote “Mood” on the video.

The “Love and Hip Hop” couple has been married since 2019. However, about a year into their marriage around November 2020, the two began publicly airing out their marital problems. Just when everything seemed to be all good, they were back on social media attacking each other again. Samuels was typically the one to run to Instagram and/or Twitter with their issues and threatening divorce, and Mena would respond. Now almost two years into their marriage, they are headed on a path to divorce.

The couple’s followers are getting a glimpse of the marriage’s decline on the 10th season of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” which aired on July 5. The two also are parents to a 17-month,old daughter, Safire.

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