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‘Where You Get Them Cheeks Boo?’: Gabrielle Union’s Latest Photo with Dwyane Wade Has Fans Raving Over the Actress’ Curvier Physique

Gabrielle Union shocked millions of her fans with her curvier physique on Tuesday, July 13, after the actress shared an upload of still shots that included her husband, Dwyane Wade.

The initial 3-for-1 post shows the former basketball player grabbing his wife’s backside as they both gazed into each other’s eyes. Union also shared two similar photos β€” a black-and-white one and a colored image β€” of the couple dancing in the pool. The 48-year old captioned the post, “8th Grade Dance Vibes πŸ•ΊπŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ–€πŸ–€.”

Gabrielle Union’s latest photo with her husband, Dwayne Wade, has fans pointing out how much thicker the actress has gotten. Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

Despite countless fans gushing over the pair’s love for each other, others couldn’t help but bring up Union’s fuller figure. Many flooded her comments section with compliments.

“Oh, dang girl look at dat booty!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😍😍😘😘.”

“Gabby you getting thick ❀️.”

“I love that weight on you 😍😍.”

“Gabbbb! Where you get them cheeks Boo?? 😍.”

In the past, Union opened up about the importance of positive body image and self-comparison during a 2020 interview with Popsugar. The “L.A. Finest” actress disclosed how she learned to love her physical attributes after creating vision boards with other women’s ideal body parts in hopes of achieving that particular goal for herself.

Union told the publication, “I literally have last year’s 2019 vision board sitting next to my 2020 vision board, and I have to walk past it to go to the bathroom. I just kind of check in to remind myself of what I want more of. I think a lot of us, we think we’re going to feel better if more people are looking at us positively or desiring us or are envious of us, or we become somebody’s goals as opposed to being your own goals.”

She added, “And when I would get a similar body part, you automatically think your life is going to change. But if your soul is crooked or eroding, it really doesn’t matter what the hell you look like. You’re going to feel like s–t.”

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