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Will Smith and Jordyn Woods’ Mom Elizabeth Woods Take Photo That Sparks ‘Entanglement’ Comments from Fans Unaware of the Families’ Relationship

Will Smith and Elizabeth Woods have linked up for some family fun.

Elizabeth was all smiles standing next to her long-time friend Will with her hand on his arm. In the following photo Will’s youngest son Jaden Smith was seen throwing up the peace sign next to Elizabeth.

Will Smith and Elizabeth Woods all smiles. @elizabethwoods/Instagram

Tagging Jaden’s Instagram page, she wrote, “@c.syresmith tropical birthday trip with family and friends who are family ❤️❤️🌴🌸.”

Based on Elizabeth’s previous photos, it looks like her picture with Will was actually taken a few days earlier. On July 8, she uploaded a photo of her posing with actress Jada Pinkett Smith, Will’s wife of over 20 years, in the same outfit she was pictured next to Will in. In the most recent photo, Elizabeth took a selfie with her two daughters Jordyn Woods and Jodie Woods, listing the Bahamas as her location. According to her caption, it appears the two families have gathered to celebrate Jaden’s 23rd birthday, which was on July 8.

Elizabeth Woods pictured with her daughters, Jordyn Woods and Jodie Woods, and Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith (Photo: @elizabethwoods/Instagram)

Fans who came across the picture of Will and Elizabeth dropped comments about Elizabeth’s supposed resemblance to actress La La Anthony, and others pointed out Will’s gray hairs. But it was clear which fans had little to no knowledge about the relationship between the Woods and the Smiths.

One unaware person said, “Will going mess around and have his own entanglement,” referring to last year when Jada addressed her controversial relationship she had with singer August Alsina while she was still married to Will. She called their relationship an “entanglement” which created several Twitter memes, conversations, and a song from Alsina himself.

Lately, many fans have expressed their irritation about Jada continuously mentioning the late legendary rapper Tupac, so much so that many encourage Will to move on. “I hope that Will getting on with his life dropping Jada,” said someone else. Another wrote, “Let him rock out! He’s owed this entanglement.”

But real fans of the Woods and Smith families know that these two families have years of history between them. Many found out about their relationship when Jordyn got into an entanglement of her own in 2019 with her former best friend’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, and Khloe’s ex-boyfriend/father of her child Tristan Thompson. Her appearance on Jada’s Facebook Watch series “Red Table Talk” explained how the families have known each other for so long.

Jordyn’s now-deceased father, John Woods, was a television engineer, and he met Smith on the set of his hit sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” This led to Jordyn, 23, and Jaden, 23, being best friends as well when they were children. John passed away in 2017 two weeks after being diagnosed with cancer.

Will’s other children Willow Smith and Trey Smith and Elizabeth’s sons John Woods Jr. and Joshua Woods were not seen in the photos, so it is not clear if they made it to the trip. It’s good to see the families still so close.

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