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T.I. Grooves to His Five-Year-Old Daughter Singing Old Beyoncé Song, Fans Cannot Get Enough: ‘That Girl be Sanging’

Heiress D. Harris’s beautiful vocals are continuing to take her fans by storm, including her father.

In a new Instagram video on Wednesday, March 24, Heiress is lying in a bed while laughing and singing Beyoncé’s 2006 hit single “Irreplaceable.” Heiress’ mother, Tiny Harris, uploaded two videos of her with her father, T.I. Harris, while he dances along to her song. After she wraps up her song, she chuckles again before telling her dad “Your dance was funny.” He replied, “Your song was funny,” while kissing her.

T.I. and his daughter Heiress Harris (Photo: @troubleman31/Instagram)

He followed up as he continued to laugh, saying, “That aint how Beyoncé sing it.” Heiress replied, “Well I don’t remember okay. I don’t remember,” as she tried to dodge her father’s kisses.

No matter how many videos are posted, it seems fans never get tired of hearing Heiress sing. One person said, “She gone be the one 🔥🔥,” and even Tiny’s friend and Xscape bandmate Kandi Burruss wrote, “That girl be sanging!” Another fan got a little chuckle out of the video. She wrote, “I’m dying laughing at her song choice 😂😂😂😂”

Fans of Heiress soon will be celebrating more than just her beautiful voice. She just reached a milestone birthday by turning 5-years-old. Earlier in the week, Tiny mentioned that in the caption of the post, which reads, “2more days until @heiressdharris bday.. 530ish am Heiry & @troubleman31 was too lit! I broke up the octave change up but she loves watching #Beyonce video to this song! #HeiressDoesItAll #BdayGirl #326 #Aries #DaddysGirl😏 🙏🏽💜💞.”

She’s been getting ready for her special day by getting her hair straightened and styled for her photo shoots. In the first shoot, she wore a pink long-sleeved top tucked in a pink, orange and blue tutu. She wore multicolored socks and gold ballerina shoes, while her hair was designed in two ponytails.

Heiress D. Harris photo shoot (Photo: @heiressdharris/Instagram)

Her second shoot was princess-themed. In the photos and video, she is wearing a light blue dress and holding a stick, which is releasing several colors in the photo. She had her hair styled in a beautiful updo with two little bangs falling down her face.

Heiress D. Harris’ princess-themed photo shoot (Photo: @heiressdharrs/Instagram)

It’s only a matter of time before fans get to see what more Heiress’ parents have planned for her birthday.

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